Sport Fishing Area in Sweden Lures Visitors, Tourists and Anglers

Vanderlei J. Pollack - Dec 27, 2010
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70,000 year ago all of Sweden was covered by an ice-sheet during the ice age. It started to melt (12,000 years ago) and left among other things a 100 kilometer ridge, with more than 50 small lakes and tarns. It is a typical Swedish wood and the terrain is open and light with mostly pine trees. Hökensås Sportfishing is a Nature sanctuary along Lake Vättern. That is the second largest lake in Sweden. This scenic area has been popular among fishing enthusiasts for over 50 years.


Numerous Lakes

The surroundings at Hökensås have the character of a moor. In a light and open terrain small lakes sparkle amid tree clad hills and ridges. Wild berries and mushrooms are plentiful and the elk (moose), the King of the Forest, roams here along with other game.

Anglers can choose among approximately thirty lakes, clear and abounding with insect life. Certain lakes are reserved exclusively for fly-fishing and others for spinning only. Catches include rainbows, and brown trout. The best seasons are spring and autumn. All lakes have easy access from the shores and most lake-beds are firm.


The fishing shop at the Hökensås Holiday Village is open every day of the week. Here you can purchase or rent any fishing items that you need. You'll find a large selection of local flies along with numerous other lures.


Species and Fishing Methods

Traditional sport-fishing is offered in some 20 lakes which are divided according to fishing methods permitted. Fly-fishermen are recommended a 9-10 ft rod AFTM class 5-7 with a WF line when lake-fishing. In addition, a "kastdubb" (plastic bubble) with a fly is recommended. Special bait and flies relevant to the area vary during the season and can be purchased locally. All types of equipment can be hired or purchased in the tackle shop.



Hökensås Holiday Village is a perfect place for staying overnight. On the camp ground there are two tennis courts, a place for playing boule, mini golf and a small pond for the children to fish in. In Lilla Havsjön, some 1000 meters away, there is also a spa with bridges and jumping tower. If you are looking for a different hotel experience.

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