PROFESSIONAL/ Holiday? Let's Go Fishing

Fishing has become a very popular sport especially in some countries. No wonder certain lakes and rivers are flooded with fishermen eager to explore the local “trophies”. Let’s visit Sweden, Hungary, Western Australia or Italy, the cradle of fish tourism.


Visit Sweden: Hökensås Sport Fishing Area

Vanderlei J. Pollack

70,000 year ago all of Sweden was covered by an ice-sheet during the ice age. It started to melt (12,000 years ago) and left among other things a 100 kilometer ridge, with more than 50 small lakes and tarns. It is a typical Swedish wood and the terrain is open and light with mostly pine trees. Hökensås Sportfishing is a Nature sanctuary along Lake Vättern. That is the second largest lake in Sweden. This scenic area has been popular among fishing enthusiasts for over 50 years.   Numerous Lakes ...

Fishing in Hungary: Lakes of All Sizes

Ashley Nault

The topography of the Carpathian Basin ensures that Hungary is well provided with lakes and rivers which are abundant in fish, providing excellent rod-fishing opportunities. Come and try your luck on our large lakes: Lake Balaton, Lake Velence or Lake Fert. Explore the wonderful River Tisza with its unspoiled natural environment and backwater areas. Enjoy Lake Tisza, a 6000 hectare reservoir built on the river, which offers superb opportunities for fishing and recreation and is a water environm...

Italy: Perfect Destination for Fish Tourism

Andrea Hausold

Fish tourism is part of a wider context of marine ecotourism and may involve the embarkation of persons (who are not members of the crew) on fishing vessels for recreational-tourism purposes, as well as the accommodation, catering and general provision of special tourism services associated to fishing and aquaculture and related customs and traditions. Helping the Coastal Communities The development of fish tourism may be perceived as an employment diversification opportunity aiming to help ...

Western Australia: The Variety of Fish

Richard Moor

Fishing? For some, it's a challenging sport of wits and skill. For others it's a great excuse to get out and enjoy the sunshine, indulge in some quality thinking time, or catch up with a mate.   A Seafood Lover's Paradise From crafty trout in the South West region to the world-famous sport fishing throughout the north, Western Australia offers something for every angler. Fishing is the State's largest recreational activity and is well supported with information booklets, websites, magazines, ...

Get Ready for Fishing Adventure in Saskatchewan

Denise Chen

When you’re talking about big fish, breathtaking scenery, pristine waters and clean, fresh air, then you’re talking about Saskatchewan. Drive or fly in, get settled at one of our many fishing lodges, and an unforgettable Canadian fishing adventure is underway. Saskatchewan’s popularity as a world-class fishing destination can be attributed to its large areas of unspoiled, natural beauty, its huge selection of close to 100,000 lakes and rivers covering almost 1/3 of the provinc...