Fishing in Hungary: Large Lakes and Swift Rivers

Ashley Nault - Dec 27, 2010
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The topography of the Carpathian Basin ensures that Hungary is well provided with lakes and rivers which are abundant in fish, providing excellent rod-fishing opportunities.

Come and try your luck on our large lakes: Lake Balaton, Lake Velence or Lake Fert. Explore the wonderful River Tisza with its unspoiled natural environment and backwater areas. Enjoy Lake Tisza, a 6000 hectare reservoir built on the river, which offers superb opportunities for fishing and recreation and is a water environment rich in natural features.


Hectares of Lakes

The fisherman will also find temptation in the form of countless natural lakes of all sizes, as well as reservoirs, quarry lakes, backwaters, irrigation canals and small romantic rivers.

The total area of lakes and rivers suitable for fishing exceeds 130,000 hectares, and statistics show that the total annual rod-fishing catch varies between 4,000 and 5,000 tons. Those who use the lakes and rivers take their responsibilities very seriously, taking care to increase the quantities of valuable fish by re-stocking. Natural reproduction also continues to have a role in many of the fishing grounds and you can expect rich catches of white fish (different species of bream, etc.), which is particularly attractive for tournament fishing.


Carp Farms

Foreign fishermen have given Hungary the nickname "carp country". Because of the large-scale carp farming, rich catches of carp can be expected in nearly all lakes and rivers, record size fish are quite often caught. The best areas for carp have become places of pilgrimage for Hungarian and foreign fishermen.


Other valuable fish, such as catfish, pikeperch, pike, bream, in some places sturgeon, barbel, and eel, are also popular with fishermen. Many of the predatory fish living in the lakes and rivers are of record size, and fishermen hook a larger and larger number of them every year. Even large, 10 to 25 kg amur are not infrequently caught.


Choose Your Spot

Hungarian fishermen, whose number now exceeds 400,000, and the tens of thousands of foreign fishermen visiting Hungary every year can choose from a large number of regions and terrains to find the waters that meet their requirements.

The choice is very varied, ranging from backwaters in beautiful natural environments to intensive fishing lakes guaranteeing a catch and providing various additional services.

Hungary's lakes and rivers have lots of fish, and many of them are of record size. It is only the experience and skill of the local and visiting fishermen that will determine what catch and what memories they will take with them. Come and try our waters, and the luck of the fishermen be with you!


By Laura Benttencourt

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