Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2011

Dec 27, 2010

Dear readers,


Welcome to 2011! After the holidays spent with your family and friends you are probably ready for something unconventional. Why not to explore some of the underground attractions available? Open the Adventure supplement and let us inspire you with France’s Ice Age caves or Laos’ lost tunnel. Fishing may not seem adventurous at all to some people, yet it is growing in popularity among many tourists. Learn about the hot fish tourism destinations of these days in the Professional section.

Natural disasters and the ability of travel companies to join forces in critical situations – this is the theme of the Ethical supplement. Let’s have a look at the effects of tsunami, volcano eruption or torrential rains on the travel world. If you prefer a more peaceful topic go for Bulgaria and its tasty cuisine, sunny beaches and lovely countryside. Read more in the Destination part. First of all however open the Heritage supplement presenting several high level hotels that have been lucky enough to welcome several presidents and other celebrities in their facility. Enjoy the January magazine.


Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Exclusive Accommodation for Kings and Queens

Cecilia Garland

- Dec 27, 2010

Presidents, prime ministers and other important statesmen are often in need of comfortable and presentable accommodation. Visit David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, US Grant Hotel in San Diego or even the famous Versailles Palace.

PROFESSIONAL/ Holiday? Let's Go Fishing

Nils Kraus

- Dec 27, 2010

Fishing has become a very popular sport especially in some countries. No wonder certain lakes and rivers are flooded with fishermen eager to explore the local “trophies”. Let’s visit Sweden, Hungary, Western Australia or Italy, the cradle of fish tourism.

ETHICAL/ Natural Disasters: Real Force Majeure for Tourism

Denise Chen

- Dec 27, 2010

Natural disasters – floods, rains, earthquakes, volcano eruptions – impact immensely the tourism industry of the affected destinations. Learn about the Valtellina Flood, tsunami, Machu Picchu’s troubles with rain as well as the volcanoes in Iceland.

ADVENTURE/ Underground Attractions: Caves and Abysses

Justin N. Froyd

- Dec 27, 2010

They may be dark and damp yet they are a perfect tourist attraction – caves, grottos, abysses lure thousands of tourists every year. Explore the Ice Age caves in France, one of Ireland’s oldest caves or the lost tunnel in Laos.