Historical and Cultural Life Attracting Visitors to Bulgaria

Denise Chen - Dec 27, 2010
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Bulgaria is a country of surprises, wild natural vistas and hosts some of the best biodiversity in Europe. Bulgaria is located in South Eastern Europe, situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. Its picturesque scenery is breathtaking all year round. From the stunning 220 km of golden beaches and world famous Black Sea to the rolling mountains that are home to world class skiing resorts, Bulgaria has everything for everyone.

The country boasts old and rich history. Many of the world’s greatest cultures have inhabited the region, leaving behind a veritable treasure trove of untold historical riches. A number of monuments in Bulgaria are under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bulgaria has also a long tradition of nature conservation; it has three national and 11 natural parks and a number of reserves and natural landmarks.

The biggest tourist adventure landmarks in the area are ancient dolmens, spread all over the region; the Tunja River and its steep valleys; the Temple of the Sun, a 1.5 km-long rock formation; the Thracian fortress and its natural rock walls; the Holy Trinity monastery and Haskovo's natural mineral springs (the largest spa resort is Mineralni Banyi).

One of the popular destinations is Pleven, near Sofia. It has much to offer to travelers who want to get away from the crowds and experience the rural life. This area is filled with hidden treasures, like the tour of the 1877 battle where Bulgaria fought against the Turks for its freedom. Also tucked away are some stunning walks and boating trips that you cannot find from the seat of a coach.

With no crowded banks or fishing restrictions, your days spent fishing will also be full of memories of the wild birds that circle high in the thermal currents and then speed to the ground in search of prey. Listen carefully and you will hear the woodpeckers and many wild animals that are hard to find in most of Europe. The climate varies from very cold winters to long hot summers. The night skies are clear with no light pollution, which is ideal for star gazing and the thunder storms here are some of the most spectacular watched from a safe distance.

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