Kevin Eagan - Jan 30, 2007
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In Finland, around €261 million is devoted annually to promoting the travel industry on the domestic and international levels and an astonishing 25% of tax money paid in Helsinki is put towards the tourist industry. Furthermore, tourism accounts for 2.4% of Finnish GDP and supports around 60.000 jobs.



The Finnish government looks to boost the amount of overnight stays made by foreigners. Most visitors to Finland come from neighbouring Estonia, Russia and Sweden, and attracted mainly by the country’s unique nature. Finland boasts 200.000 lakes, and tourists are attracted by fishing, canoeing and walking trips. Finland is one of few remaining destinations in the world where one can enjoy fishing, watching reindeer and moose grazing in almost total silence. Visitors looking for something extraordinary are drawn to the ice hotel in Kemi. On top of that, many come to cross-country and Alpine skiing activities. Although Finland doesn’t have many high points, there are plenty of such opportunities. Fresh air activities can be combined with special tastings. One can barely escape Finland without trying the famous national vodka drink, koskenkorva, or trying the local licorice vodka, Salmiakki. No wonder that Finland is becoming more popular as a tourist destination.

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