Cecilia Garland - Jan 21, 2013
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The Zipper, Dynamite, IKEA and.....Abba are some of Sweden's contribution to civilization. However, it is only the 1970s super group Abba which will have its own museum in Sweden.

Tickets for The Abba Museum, scheduled for opening on May 7 in Stockholm can now be purchased online. This is the best tribute that can be given to this blow-dried pop group whose songs like Dancing Queen and Waterloo were a huge success and together with the Mamma Mia! Screen revival will become part of the newly established Hall of Fame in Sweden.

Mattias Hansson, the managing director at the museum said that from a Swedish point of view, they should have such a museum because Abba has become one of the most famous Swedish bands.

The museum's director further added that the Swedish Office of Tourism in Stockholm usually receives thousands of questions each year from tourists seeking places they could go and see the works of Abba but the tourism office always tells them that such a place does not exist.

According to Björn Ulvaeus, who is former member of Abba, former group members were unsure whether they wanted to become relics and artifacts while they were still alive. Björn Ulvaeus, who now has an interest in the museum, added that it was only after realizing that somebody had to take full responsibility when it dawned on him that he had to do something.

The museum, which is regarded as highly interactive, will give visitors an opportunity to get the Abba identity using their tickets. In addition, visitors will also get an opportunity to perform on a live holographic stage while "wearing" projected Abba costumes.

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