Top European Hotel Gyms Attract Travelers

Anna Luebke - Mar 25, 2013
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When traveling through Europe, many times visitors will want to have a place where they can exercise. A quality hotel gym is often the best solution to this problem, and there is a number of remarkable fitness centers in hotels all throughout Europe. A great hotel exercise facility is typically home to a wide range of different equipment and amenities, with something to do for individuals of broadly varying exercise interests. Many hotels even have pools and spas, and other facilities in addition to state of the art gym equipment. Here are the top European hotels with quality exercise facilities.

Bayerischer Hof Hotel, Munich

This hotel in German Munich is an exquisitely beautiful place, featuring a spa, a bar and lounge, hair salon, pool and sun terrace, and one of the nicest hotel exercise facilities in Europe. The gym at the Bayerischer Hof is situated high up in the air, so guests can have a fantastic view to look at while working out on some of the most cutting edge fitness equipment in the world.

The Westin Excelsior Hotel, Florence

Located along the stunning river valley in Florence, Italy, the Westin Excelsior is a very popular hotel among travelers through Europe. This hotel offers its guests some of the most impressive views of Florence, as well as some of the best fitness and spa amenities of any hotel in Italy. The Westin Excelsior is home to a state of the art fitness center that is open to guests 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. They have a sprawling fitness floor; complete with all the fitness outlets guests could ever use. Access to their exercise facilities is complimentary to the hotel guests.

The St. Regis Grand Hotel, Rome

The St. Regis Grand, located in Rome, Italy, represents the pinnacle of luxury hotels and suites. In addition to all the fine dining options, this hotel offers its guests a wildly ornate and beautiful fitness center. The hotel gym at the St. Regis is among the best in Europe; featuring the best fitness equipment money can buy, and hours that are nearly always open.

Villa Massalia Concorde, Marseille

The Villa Massalia Concorde is located in French Marseille. This hotel features a unique architectural design, inspired by the 18th century masterwork of architecture – the Chateau Borely. In addition to having a wonderful spa facility, this hotel has both indoor and outdoors pools as well. The hotel gym provided by the Villa Massalia Concorde is among the best in Europe in terms of the variety and quality of fitness equipment, and it is open to its guests at all hours of the day or week.

The Westin Europa and Regina, Venice

The Westin Europa and Regina hotel is situated on the final length of Venice's Grand Canal. With such a rare and incredible view of the majestic Venice this hotel is a top favorite among European travel and lodging destinations. On top of all the activities available at this hotel, they also feature a high-tech hotel gym facility that is open to its guests 24/7. There are few better hotels in the world to enjoy a workout than the Westin Europa and Regina.

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