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Travelers used to regular workout may suffer when they are on the road. Many hotels though offer quality fitness centers and gyms where you may spend good time burning fat and relaxing your mind.


Asia: Extraordinary Hospitality and Remarkable Fitness Centers

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Traveling should never compromise your health and fitness. That is why it is important to select a hotel, which offers excellent gym facilities on its premises. A good number of hotels in Asia have gyms, which are fully capable of catering for all your fitness requirements. Marina Bay Sands Singapore Situated on the 55th level, the Banyan Tree Fitness Club provides the fitness enthusiasts a magnificent view of the Gardens by the Bay. Moreover, the facilities in this hotel gym are varied. Yo...

Hotel Gyms: Bodybuilders on the Road

Richard Moor

Let's be honest – if you are used to regular workouts in your favorite gym or health club, hotel gyms may not actually seem appealing to you. Most hotel gyms are quite small and have light dumbbells or just a couple of cable machine-pieces that typically hit or work on major muscle groups. The main equipment you will normally find in any hotel gym are the cardio pieces. However, most hotel gyms today have the treadmills, the bikes, the steppers and also ellipticals. On the downside though, mo...

Exercise in the Best Hotel Gyms in Europe

Anna Luebke

When traveling through Europe, many times visitors will want to have a place where they can exercise. A quality hotel gym is often the best solution to this problem, and there is a number of remarkable fitness centers in hotels all throughout Europe. A great hotel exercise facility is typically home to a wide range of different equipment and amenities, with something to do for individuals of broadly varying exercise interests. Many hotels even have pools and spas, and other facilities in additio...

Hotels: Workout the American Way

Bill Alen

There are many gyms labeled 'state-of-the-art' but give a wrong impression since the facilities they offer are nowhere near this label. The label 'state-of-the-art' should only be given to hotels that have the latest audio/visual entertainment and the best exercise equipment in the market. They should also be at most five years old. Although it might seem difficult to locate a hotel providing the above facilities, it is needless to worry since there are quite a number of options you can select f...