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Bill Alen - Mar 25, 2013
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There are many gyms labeled 'state-of-the-art' but give a wrong impression since the facilities they offer are nowhere near this label. The label 'state-of-the-art' should only be given to hotels that have the latest audio/visual entertainment and the best exercise equipment in the market. They should also be at most five years old. Although it might seem difficult to locate a hotel providing the above facilities, it is needless to worry since there are quite a number of options you can select from.

Le Parker Meridien, New York, NY

This is a great hotel that hosts clientele who come for both business and pleasure. They have an 'uptown, not uptight' theme that is clearly visible all through. It is located close to Times Square, just a few blocks south of Central Park. Low-lying platform beds, 32 inch televisions, Aeron chairs, cherry and cedar woods are what you will find in this hotel's brilliant rooms. The hotel also boasts a Scandinavian design. Apart from the DVD/CD players, all rooms offer extremely high speed internet.

Additionally, guests are given complementary access to the Chic Gravity Health Club which is found on its lower level. It is a great gym and foot spa covering 15000 square feet. Transport to the gym is by a bank of elevators separated from the hotel. In this brilliant gym you get everything you need in terms of the best and most modern equipment.

Holiday Inn Express, Nashville, TN

Nothing short of brilliance comes out of a combination of two great brands in this case being Holiday Inn Express and Precor. This could undoubtedly be rated among the best Holiday Inn Express Gym available countrywide and takes great care of all the travelers going through Nashville, looking for an effective and affordable workout joint.

They have brand new cardio machines which include four ellipticals, a recumbent bike and two treadmills. In case you are looking for strong session, this is the place to be. Holiday Inn Express provides 5lb to 50lb dumbbells and a Precor multi-gym. Thankfully, this gym is open twenty four hours, seven days a week. This serves as an assurance against worries regarding sleepless nights. While here, one can opt for a night workout instead of tossing and turning around in bed.

Peninsula, Chicago, IL

For those who can afford it, this is a brilliant and extremely comfortable accommodation. It was constructed in 2001 and has 339 guest quarters filled with modern electronic gizmos, contemporary style and luxurious décor. Technologically, the place is quite advanced and you will certainly be amazed at what you find.

The hotel also has a great fitness and spa center. The facility has more than 350lbs of free weights, brand new machines for exercising, walls of windows with 20th floor views, and great light hardwood floors. To make it even better, it also takes great care of the swimmers. They are provided with a 25meter lap pools that has three lanes clearly marked out with floating lane lines. At the swimming pool you will also find fins, pull-buoys and kickboards.

Fairfield Inn North, Scottsdale, AZ

This is one great hotel that will provide you with everything as far as the basics are concerned: standard furnishings, good service and clean rooms. It does however fall on the winning side. Thanks to its great attributes of convenient location on Scottsdale Road and affordable prices. What puts it above others is the range of free things that the hotel offers. These include free parking , free continental breakfasts, free local calls and free passes. It also offers a brilliant fitness health club open all day every day.

RiverPlace Hotel, Portland, OR

This is another elegant and charming hotel that is found along the Willamette River's western bank and is popular for the Riverwalk running path. With just 84 guest quarters, River place exudes a European flavor with elegantly presented rooms , smoke free environment, premium bedding and a twenty four hour service. One cannot find a fitness center on site at this hotel. However, reserving your room through their website or their reservation department will earn you free passes to the RiverPlace Athletic Club that is only three minute walk away from the hotel. The fitness center provides a lap pool and a complete service health center.


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