Hotel Gyms for Bodybuilders

Richard Moor - Mar 25, 2013
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Let's be honest – if you are used to regular workouts in your favorite gym or health club, hotel gyms may not actually seem appealing to you. Most hotel gyms are quite small and have light dumbbells or just a couple of cable machine-pieces that typically hit or work on major muscle groups.

The main equipment you will normally find in any hotel gym are the cardio pieces. However, most hotel gyms today have the treadmills, the bikes, the steppers and also ellipticals. On the downside though, most of the machines and other free weights common in usual gyms are not available. This however should not stop you from working your muscles out. What you do is you improvise. All you have to do is deal with what you have got.

That being said, what you do is change your entire workout all together so that you are able to hit and work on your body parts that you want or need to give a thorough and good muscle stimulating workout. This means that you will relatively go lighter and then do more and more sets and reps.


Actually, changing up things this way is not exactly the worst of things that you could do or that could happen, in fact, this might take your gym training and also the results up to your next gym training level.

Depending on the hotel gym, if the cardio pieces are not your kind of thing, many hotel gyms today have indoor pools. It is not only a great place for you to cool down and relax after a long workout, but it is also a good place for you to do your cardio. If you want to simply cool down, simply walk around the swimming pool, but if you feel like doing cardio, you can do some swimming pool exercises, like running around the place and also walking around the pool's perimeter with some speed. The pool water will give you a good resistance which in turn makes it a great all-round workout.

However, if the pieces in your hotel gym doesn't work for you, you can ask the hotel's reception if there is any other gym or any health clubs in the area that are not too far away from your current location.

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