Larry Brain - Mar 18, 2013
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Data released by Expedia for January to September of last year indicated that the company had partnered with many small hotels with less than 50 rooms. Net transactions from the sector had increased by almost 30 percent from 2011.

By working with Expedia group, the small hotels get exposure to over 55 million travelers who visit the Expedia group's travel sites every month that includes over 100 branded sites in 70 countries across the world.

Furthermore, hotel partners are exposed to over 135 mobile booking sites available in 60 countries, in 35 different languages as well as apps. Exposure to the strategic marketing investment of the Expedia group, which totaled about $1.5 million in 2011, also benefits hotel partners. Small hotels reap big rewards from these investments.

For example, in Mexico, the Expedia Group formed new partnerships across the country last year, with over half being small properties, therefore advancing the company's devotion to promoting growth of these hotels and contributing to their brand positioning. A small hotel owner, Victor Bonna, said that the Expedia group was a great partner that offered access to the international market.

She said that Expedia works with each individual's needs and allows them to work with an experienced business partner so as to reach many potential customers. Victor added that six months after opening the hotel they had seen great results since they started working with Expedia.

Vania Gonzalez, the e-commerce manager of El Cielo hotel situated in Cancun, said that they had been collaborating with the Expedia group for the last five years, and they got excellent results such as significant sale growth, more brand recognition and stronger ties with their market managers. Vania added that for small hotels that wanted to gain global visibility, they had to partner with Expedia.

Expedia group's market management director for Mexico and the Central America, Pablo Castro, said that the company was proud to be working with both big and small hotels across the world. He pointed out that in Mexico, the company partners with over 2,200 properties, including small hotels which get access to the international market through its relationships. Pablo further said that they believed that their expanding relationships with such properties were a proof of the company's trusted capabilities.

Blanca Cossio, the reservation and e-commerce manager of Riviera del Sol hotel situated in Playa de Carmen, said that Expedia group gives them an opportunity to grow by enabling them to access markets they couldn't reach alone, and that its brand recognition is unmatchable. He added that their sales grew by 25% in 2012 with most of this growth being a result of their partnership with Expedia. Blanca pointed out that they had actively engaged in marketing campaigns, which resulted in an increase in the room nights booked. He further said that due to their limited budgets, they depend on the team at Expedia group as part of their sales and marketing abilities.

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