Tourism Review Online Magazine 5 / 2014

Apr 28, 2014

Dear readers

Welcome to the May issue of TROM. This time we want to present one of the less known destinations – Moldova, one of the post-soviet republics. Explore its attractions as well as trends in the tourism industry. Open the Destination supplement.

Artificial islands are the topic of the Heritage part focusing not only on the many islands around Dubai. The Professional supplement discusses hotel loyalty programs including a couple of tips how to reach the benefits faster.

Popular destinations for medical tourists are the focus of the Medical part and the trends of the accessible tourism are explored in the Ethical supplement. Enjoy the magazine!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Creation: Man-Made Islands

Bill Alen

- Apr 28, 2014

Artificial islands are marvelous examples of engineering found all around the world. Explore a number of man-made islands that make people marvel at their design. Learn about the problems with financing or even sinking of some of them.

PROFESSIONAL/ Remain Loyal! Hotel Loyalty Programs

Denise Chen

- Apr 28, 2014

Hotel loyalty programs are constantly changing. Today even the occasional guest can achieve good status and valuable benefits. Explore the best programs and learn about the current trends in the field.

MEDICAL/ Medical Destinations: Patients Crossing Borders

Samuel Dorsi

- Apr 28, 2014

Medical tourism is one of the fields hit by the economic recession only slightly. A number of countries record increased interest in medical treatment among international clientele. However, some countries are doing better than the others.

ETHICAL/ Experience the Accessible World

Richard Moor

- Apr 28, 2014

The amount of travelers with disabilities is growing fast and the accessible tourism industry is thus growing in importance. What cities are doing the most for handicapped travelers? Where can they fully enjoy their vacation?

DESTINATION/ Moldova – Diversity and Traditions

Justin N. Froyd

- Apr 28, 2014

Moldova is one of the emerging destinations in the Eastern Europe. The tourism numbers are going up only slowly and problems with infrastructure can be felt anywhere. Still, the country is home to a number of unique attractions including the biggest wine collection in the world which is definitely worth seeing.