ETHICAL/ Experience the Accessible World

The amount of travelers with disabilities is growing fast and the accessible tourism industry is thus growing in importance. What cities are doing the most for handicapped travelers? Where can they fully enjoy their vacation?



European Destinations of Excellence 2013 Awards for Accessible Cities

Cecilia Garland

The European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) is a project designed to promote development structures that encourage sustainable tourism in the European Union. The EDEN competitions are based on a particular theme, which changes each year. In 2013, the competition focused on accessibility. The best destinations were selected based on how they approached accessible tourism and services for visitors of age, with disabilities, limitations, and special needs. The following 19 destinations were sele...

Berlin, Nantes and Stockholm Lead the Way in Accessibility

Nils Kraus

Tourists that we do not think enough about the world over are those with special accessibility needs. Business owners often feel obliged to add in accessible features to their facilities in order to avoid risks and meet regulations. But it is only recently that the global tourism industry started catching on to the vast scope of barrier free travel in terms of the revenue that it can generate and the benefits it can have for society as well. The world today counts 1.3 billion disabled people am...

Greece to Improve Its Accessibility

Pat Hyland

The Greek Ministry of Tourism and National Confederation for Disabled People ESAmeA have laid a pact to work together so that individuals living with disabilities can have unlimited access to sport, leisure, recreation and culture life. According to a co-operation protocol signed by the president of ESAmeA Loannis Vardakastanis and the minister of tourism Olga Kefalogianni, both sides will strive to ensure and implement actions that guarantee accessibility of available infrastructure and serv...

Spain - A Global Giant in Promoting Accessible Tourism

Gary Diskin

There are many things that make a city and its destinations accessible to people with physical disabilities. First and foremost factor is a barrier free airport and transport system that is suitable for people with movement disabilities. In pursuit of promoting accessible tourism, several major cities have undergone a lot of tweaks and changes. Spain is certainly one of the greatest examples, as the government is taking positive steps to ensure its cities are accessible by all, irrespective of t...