DESTINATION/ Moldova – Diversity and Traditions

Moldova is one of the emerging destinations in the Eastern Europe. The tourism numbers are going up only slowly and problems with infrastructure can be felt anywhere. Still, the country is home to a number of unique attractions including the biggest wine collection in the world which is definitely worth seeing.


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Moldova: Proud of Being Europe's Least Popular Country

Gary Diskin

Not all countries pride themselves in being least visited by tourists, but for Moldova, it is something they couldn't be more proud of. Declared as Europe's least visited country, the Republic of Moldova boasts of a whopping 9,000 international arrivals back in 2011. While other countries would probably think of this as a death sentence, Moldova is doing the opposite, possibly holding a countrywide celebration. Voted as the #2 "Off the Beaten Path" destination in the world (after landslide wi...
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Moldova: The Challenges of the Tourism Industry

Sara Thopson

The Republic of Moldova in Eastern Europe borders Ukraine and Romania. Being a land locked country does not stop Moldova from being a very interesting tourist destination that attracts more and more visitors. What’s on Offer The tourism industry of Moldova focuses on four aspects of tourism which are; wine, rural, cultural and the health and beauty sector is also coming up fast. The rural sector focuses on giving tourists a native experience of Moldova. Tourists can spend time in the country...

Moldova: Europe’s Next Hot Wine Destination

Sara Thopson

More commonly than not, when Moldova is mentioned, not many people have a lot of knowledge about this small East European country that welcomed only 9,000 visitors in the year 2011. However, the fortunes of this small country are about to change courtesy of its sunshine, forest soils and rainfall that are perfect for growing wine grapes. Furthermore, recent events are propelling this country to what in the short future will be a highly revered destination for wine lovers’ in Europe. A recent ...

Moldova’s 10 Best Attractions

Dan Rang

Moldova is without a doubt a perfect off the beaten path tourist destinations. The region is well known for its remarkable sites and activities which provide social, physical, as well as spiritual relief. If you have a soft spot for culture, religion, history, and delicious wine, then Moldova is the place to be. Some of the top attractions include the following: Tipova Monastery The Tipova Monastery is well known for having been the refuge for Christians in the 13th century. This was during ...