MEDICAL/ Medical Destinations: Patients Crossing Borders

Medical tourism is one of the fields hit by the economic recession only slightly. A number of countries record increased interest in medical treatment among international clientele. However, some countries are doing better than the others.


Different Attitudes: Medical Tourism in Austria and Germany medical

Different Attitudes: Medical Tourism in Austria and Germany

Cecilia Garland

Health and wellness tourism is a dynamic field with many countries witnessing exponential growth. Others are trying to catch up. The two German-speaking countries of Austria and Germany are among very popular medical tourism destinations. Yet, there are great differences. For Austria the industry is expected to grow by 11.1% while Germany is likely to see only 2.4% growth according to Euromonitor International. What are the current trends and prospects of the industry in the respective countries...
Top 5 Destinations for Medical Tourism medical

Top 5 Destinations for Medical Tourism

Daniel A. Tanner

Over the last decade there has been an upsurge in medical tourism as a number of countries across the world, from South America to Asia to Eastern Europe, are getting into the act. In fact there are countries that have emerged to have developed extensive health care framework and infrastructure while at the same time, minimizing costs enabling them to maximally deliver world-class care, and in some cases even for as low as between five to about ten cents on the dollar. So, below are the five bes...
France Expecting Steady Development medical

France Expecting Steady Development

Ashley Nault

France is one the world’s leading tourist destinations. Today many travelers combine their holiday with first rated medical treatment. Most of the hotspots in France – the beautiful Aquitaine wine country, the snowy mountains of Rhone alps, Bourgogne expansive landscape and Riviera Cote d Azur’s wonderful beaches – provide visitors with different and exciting experiences. For those looking for city tours, Paris has a lot of adventures to offer, Lyon is best known for its stunning architecture, a...
Czech Clinics Welcomed More Patients from Germany and Russia medical

Czech Clinics Welcomed More Patients from Germany and Russia

Daniel A. Tanner

The year 2013 was the year when most clinics in the Czech Republic started experiencing a growth in the medical tourism sector with most of the tourists coming from Europe. Many patients came from Russia, Austria, Germany and the UK. The major type of medical treatment that the foreigners target is cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation surgery accounts for almost 50 percent of the business while abdominal work, liposuction and eye surgery form the remaining half. Foreign Citizens account for...