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Hotel loyalty programs are constantly changing. Today even the occasional guest can achieve good status and valuable benefits. Explore the best programs and learn about the current trends in the field.


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Top 5 Hotel Loyalty Programs

Chris Grad

In recent years, the hotel industry has been able to completely change the concept of modern loyalty programs. The programs have expanded and shifted to meet the changing needs of guests and clients. In 2013, there was a major shift in rewards and offerings. Let’s focus on the best hotel loyalty programs based on flexibility in booking, ability to earn points, redemption perks and ease of use. Hilton Hhonors For luxury and business travelers, the Hilton Hhonors program tops the list. In case...
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Do Loyalty Programs Work?

Cecilia Garland

For years, airlines have used loyalty programs (mileage accrued) as a means of keeping customers within their system. As these programs have increased in popularity so have the problems around them. Airline loyalty programs not only have multiple gradations but also seem to become either more difficult to use or more complicated. The recent announcements that airlines may connected the amount of earned “points” to the tickets cost has become one more hassle in what seems to be a n...
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Hotels See the Value of Repeat Customers

Gary Diskin

Leslie Ciminello chooses Hotel 1000 in Seattle every time she has to move around for business related matters. The reason for this is that she knows what will meet her upon her entry – lactose-free milk alongside gluten-free cereal in the fridge. These are both her predilections and only a few hotels treat their guests as family like this one. According to Hotel 1000, any guest who does 15 to 20 check-ins every year qualifies as a guest treated like family by the hotelier and all the staff me...
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Hotel Loyalty Programs – Tips for Savvy Travelers

Daniel A. Tanner

Just like the frequent flier programs offered by airlines, hotel loyalty clubs have also been offering benefits to even infrequent travelers. A customer can easily join a program, and accrue some points over time. If you show some regular or annual account activity, these points won’t expire. Most major hotel loyalty programs have shifted and expanded redemption perks way beyond upgrades and free rooms. In the last few years, these programs have started giving excellent perks to members. Part...