Tourism Review Online Magazine 6 / 2011

May 30, 2011

Dear readers


Welcome to the June issue of the Tourism Review Online Magazine.

Discover the vast plains of Mongolia, learn about the local customs and experience the life of Nomads. Read the Destination supplement. Adventurers seeking vacations full of adrenalin should opt for safari and perhaps even a hunting holiday. Learn more in the Adventure part.

Even educational trips are exciting – learn to cook Mediterranean dishes, go for art classes, improve your skills as a travel photographer. Learning vacations are the types of holiday popular among the young and the old alike. Open the Professional supplement. The topic of the Ethical part are volunteer vacations focusing on Peru and Ecuador.

First of all however read the Heritage part presenting several really big and really small attractions of the world.


Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ World's Attractions: The Biggest and Smallest

Denise Chen

- May 30, 2011

Great attractions lure crowds of tourists. However, even the less known and smaller sights are worth seeing. Explore the smallest house in Britain, the biggest champagne glass, the longest swamp lane and much more.

PROFESSIONAL/ Edu-, Edu-, Educational Traveling

Tourism Review News Desk

- May 30, 2011

Improve your art skills, learn to cook Italian dishes, get better in taking pictures – all of this is possible to do and be on holiday at the same time. Educational traveling or learning vacations are getting more and more popular among young and old as well.

ETHICAL/ In Vogue: Volunteer Vacations

Michael Trout

- May 30, 2011

Volunteer vacations are growing in popularity all around the world. Explore the unique projects organized for voluntourists in Ecuador and Peru, learn how to choose your tour operator, and what to expect from your trip.

ADVENTURE/ The World of Hunting

Gary Diskin

- May 30, 2011

Adventurous and exciting holidays? For many travelers this means hunting trips and safari. Discover the best hunting destinations, learn about bow hunting, and explore the dove shooting capital of the world.

DESTINATION/ Mongolia: Going Hot and Cold

Joe McClain

- May 30, 2011

Mongolia – known for its vast plains, Nomads and cheerful feasts. Discover the country that is opening up to the global tourist offering pristine nature, rocky mountains as well as tours through the modern capital Ulaanbaatar.