Learning Vacations and Educational Tours Getting Popular

Denise Chen - May 30, 2011
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No, it's not summer school! A learning vacation is an opportunity to learn something new (something fun!), broaden your horizons, and do something really different! They are unusual vacations, out-of-the-ordinary experiences – experiences that last a lifetime.

Push yourself beyond your self-imposed limitations – learn to surf! Paint a landscape! Join an archaeological dig! Try something you've always been just a little bit scared of...

Amaze Yourself!

An educational vacation doesn't have to be difficult, and it's certainly not boring. There are educational travel tours that cover a number of interests – want to join an archaeological dig? Or study art in Europe? You can do it!

Have you always wanted to learn to speak Spanish? Why not do it in Spain? You can immerse yourself in the culture while learning the language, and learn faster than simply taking a course at your local community college. And you can visit Barcelona or Madrid while you do it!

Attend an art workshop and unleash your inner Georgia O'Keefe. Or attend a writer's workshop and get going on that Great American Novel.

A learning vacation could also be called a special interest vacation. What are your special interests? A hobby you'd like to practice? A culture you'd like to visit? An activity you'd like to learn?

There are hundreds of ways you can enrich your vacation experience with educational travel.

- You can learn to paint or to write in an artist's workshop.

- You can immerse yourself in another culture while you learn the language.

- You can learn to surf in California, Costa Rica, or Hawaii.

- You can indulge your favorite hobby in a scrapbooking, sewing, or beading retreat – or take a tour to buy Japanese textiles!

- You can join an Archaeological Dig and learn more about ancient cultures!

Educational travel is not boring – and any vacation can be an opportunity to learn something new! Check out food and wine vacations for cooking classes and tours, or river cruises for history and culture of Europe, China, or Egypt.

Indulge Your Passion at a Craft Retreat!

Spending a weekend at a craft retreat is a great way to indulge in a favorite hobby, and just relax!

Do you have a favorite hobby – but no time to actually enjoy it?

You can sharpen your skills enjoy the camaraderie of others with similar interests at one of many craft workshops. Whether you choose a weekend retreat or a full week of instruction and creative activity, this is the ultimate "me time".

The Clearing – The Clearing in Door Penninsula, Wisconsin is a "Folk School", offering summer classes in quilting, carving, writing, knitting, music, and much more. They offer a women's writing retreat in the fall and yoga classes, too! The Clearing is located on a bluff above the waters of Green Bay, a setting often compared to New England in its rural charm.

If you love Paris, and love silk painting, Silk Painting France Adventure is exactly what you're looking for. You'll get an in-depth experience in silk painting, and a great Paris vacation, too! You'll start with a Champagne cruise on the Seine, do a little sightseeing, eat at fabulous cafes - and spend at least part of each day learning new silk painting techniques!

Carol Lane-Saber Designs – Carol Lane-Saber offers a yearly 2-week trip to Japan to study the history, architecture, and gardens of Japan, as well as the textiles and clothing. This is a shopping tour, focusing on textiles to bring home for your next project.

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