PROFESSIONAL/ Edu-, Edu-, Educational Traveling

Improve your art skills, learn to cook Italian dishes, get better in taking pictures – all of this is possible to do and be on holiday at the same time. Educational traveling or learning vacations are getting more and more popular among young and old as well.


What Is a Learning Vacation?

Denise Chen

No, it's not summer school! A learning vacation is an opportunity to learn something new (something fun!), broaden your horizons, and do something really different! They are unusual vacations, out-of-the-ordinary experiences – experiences that last a lifetime. Push yourself beyond your self-imposed limitations – learn to surf! Paint a landscape! Join an archaeological dig! Try something you've always been just a little bit scared of... Amaze Yourself! An educational vacation do...

Cooking Tours: Home Cooked Meal and Delicious Wine

Anna Luebke

Bravo for today’s traveler! No longer are people willing to be anonymous voyagers, going from one city to another, checking into hotels where they are unknown, sometimes not even very welcomed. Today there are choices of much more meaningful ways to travel, and one of the most popular has become cooking vacations. These are not trips where you spend all day in the kitchen, but, rather, an opportunity to spend time with the local people sharing in the most important activity of their day; brea...

Educational Trips: Women Travelers Unleash Their Creativity

Daniel A. Tanner

Many of us harbor dreams of being the next Georgia O'Keefe or Joyce Carol Oates. Why not live your dream at an art workshop or writer's retreat? Some retreats are for amateurs just testing their skills; others are for those more serious about their craft, who need a nurturing environment to work and learn. Whatever your level of commitment, there is a workshop or retreat for you. Carmel, California Artista Creative Safaris – Their motto is "We make girls out of women" – the goal...

Prepare Your Taste Buds for Andalucía Culinary Tours

Larry Brain

Chef Mike Powell and his wife Hilary are passionate about Andalucía Spain, its culture, history, art and cuisine, and they love to share it with guests by hosting art and culinary vacations, aptly named ‘A Flavour of Spain’. Guests are welcomed to savour and explore southern Spain through these vacations, with very personal and up close experiences provided by hosts Mike and Hilary. Andalucía is known for its sun-drenched whitewashed villages, olive groves, Moorish a...