Cordoba Offers Unique Dove Shooting Trips

William Law - May 30, 2011
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For those who have never undertaken a dove shooting trip in Cordoba, Argentina, it is an experience which must rank as a ‘must do’ in any keen shot’s ‘list of things to do before you die’. Quite apart from the sheer volume of doves in Cordoba, the variety of the shooting is staggering.

The Dove Shooting

Birds fly simultaneously in almost every direction, breaking, banking and swirling with many at heights that will test even the most expert of shots. The birds fly literally in waves, darkening the skies and whether you wish to focus on sheer numbers or go for the most challenging shots the options are yours.

Cordoba is rightly considered the dove shooting capital of the world. is the South American shooting lodge that sets the standards for others to follow. The 100 square mile radius (160 km) around Pica Zuro, the shooting lodge close to Cordoba City, is inhabited annually by over 40 million dove. For the uninitiated this is quite possibly shooting heaven and whether you are a veteran or a relative novice you will be able to find sport to match.

Pica Zuro and its sister lodge La Dormida enjoy 55 privately held shooting fields, all within a scenic drive through the region’s rich farmland. At all times please remember that this is not just sport for sports sake as the doves in Argentina are considered an endemic plague. Local farmers openly welcome the tiny levels of attrition which shooting parties have on the numbers of these ultra-prolific birds.

The province of Córdoba is centrally located in Argentina and enjoys a mild climate that changes little throughout the year. The thousands of acres of grain crops, coupled with suitable roosting conditions, have produced a dove population that is sustained at 23 million birds. Many shooters return from Córdoba saying, "You have to see it to believe it!"

The Lodge

Pica Zuro is an elegantly restored 19th century house traditionally decorated and surrounded by wide verandas overlooking gardens, orchards and a lake. There are 9 en suite bedrooms which can accommodate a maximum of 15 guests, a spacious and comfortable sitting room and a well stocked complimentary bar. Throughout your stay whether it be in the field or lodge dining room you will have a choice of delicious traditional and international dishes including the finest quality Argentine beef. Carefully selected Argentinean wines complement the dishes.

Best Times to Go

This is a true all year round location and makes an excellent addition to any other activities you might have in mind during a trip to Argentina or Chile. Combined with the fabulous Sea Trout fishing in Tierra del Fuego or Patagonia or indeed Golden Dorado fishing in the Iberian marsh area it makes for an amazing sporting holiday.

Non-shooting options

Pica Zuro is an extremely comfortable lodge and has a full range of facilities both inside and outside the lodge, which includes a swimming pool. Non–shooting guests can happily relax at the lodge morning or afternoon and join the shooting party at some stage during the day should they wish. In addition, guided tours of the historical city of Cordoba can be arranged as well as horse riding trips.

By Justin Maxwell-Stuart

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