ADVENTURE/ The World of Hunting

Adventurous and exciting holidays? For many travelers this means hunting trips and safari. Discover the best hunting destinations, learn about bow hunting, and explore the dove shooting capital of the world.


Top 10 Hunting Destinations in the World

Nils Kraus

Hunting for food has been the primary source of sustenance for man since the Stone Age; however, with the farming of animals and easy availability of food, hunting has become a popular recreational activity for people. An extremely popular sport in Africa’s and America’s, this is also a major source of income for these continents. 1. Tanzania Tanzania is a country with beautiful national parks and game reserves. It is also called the African hunter’s paradise and is conside...

Safari: Hunting Trips in South Africa

Michael Trout

Often we wonder about taking a vacation and then the planning for that special getaway is underway. Decisions have to be made considering a number of things and most probably having to decide the type of vacation, be it first time safari in Africa or vacation to a destination you are already familiar with. To go through one’s life without having at least once been to Africa is a life without that spicy ingredient. Once the African sun kisses you on your cheek and the sunset bids you a good ni...

Hunting in France – An Unforgettable Experience

Bill Alen

In Lorraine, France, wild boar numbers have been on the rise since 1999, when sheltered areas of dense vegetation were put aside for the animals. “Hunters killed 19,000 wild boars between 1997 and 1998,” said Olivier Schoenstein, head of the regional hunting federation. In 1999, that figure topped 50,000. Needless to say, Lorraine is one of the best places to hunt for wild boar in France. The beautiful castle Hattonchatel Chateau offers boar shooting and hunting holidays; arrangements for hun...

Cordoba – Dove Shooting Capital of the World

William Law

For those who have never undertaken a dove shooting trip in Cordoba, Argentina, it is an experience which must rank as a ‘must do’ in any keen shot’s ‘list of things to do before you die’. Quite apart from the sheer volume of doves in Cordoba, the variety of the shooting is staggering. The Dove Shooting Birds fly simultaneously in almost every direction, breaking, banking and swirling with many at heights that will test even the most expert of shots. The birds f...

Bow Hunting: Explore Namibia with a Bow in Your Hand

Ashley Nault

Bow hunting is one of the finest ways to hunt, despite countless developments and an array of modern weapons available to today’s hunter. Going Back in Time The bow hunt takes us back thousands of years, connecting us with our Stone Age ancestors. Even though the bows we have used toady have developed considerably from the ancient willow bows the techniques required and spirit remains the same – making bow hunting both challenging and rewarding. Modern bows fire further and stra...