Namibia Offers Adventurous Bow Hunting Holidays

Ashley Nault - May 30, 2011
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Bow hunting is one of the finest ways to hunt, despite countless developments and an array of modern weapons available to today’s hunter.

Going Back in Time

The bow hunt takes us back thousands of years, connecting us with our Stone Age ancestors. Even though the bows we have used toady have developed considerably from the ancient willow bows the techniques required and spirit remains the same – making bow hunting both challenging and rewarding.

Modern bows fire further and straighter, and sink deeper into the prey, bows are strong and durable and may include complex sighting. All this gives the hunter added advantage over the prey, however skill, and an expert knowledge of the prey is essential to allow the hunter to get in close to the prey and make the desired clean kill.

The hunter must be cautious to remain up wind, or masking the animal’s sense of smell, sight and sound. Like hunting with rifles, modern bow hunting requires appropriate licensing and planning.

Bow Hunting in Namibia

Voted by the United Nations as the safest and cleanest country in Africa, Namibia, has been a bit of a secret for hunters, until now. Situated in the north-eastern part of the country you will find 15,000 acres of pristine, private hunting area, set aside exclusively for bow hunting. This is true bushveld and an African experience awaits you upon arrival.

Bow hunting safari has been organized here since it was legalized in the country back in 1998, making it one of the oldest bow hunting areas in Namibia. Hunting is conducted by ambush, in areas frequently used by game and/or walk and stalk methods.

All the blinds (elevated and/or pit type), are placed in the best wind direction and are custom built near waterholes or salt licks with average shot distances being around 15 yards. Portable blinds are sometimes set up to ambush game on game trails and on nearby hunting concessions.

Various other hunting concessions (approx. 50,000 acres) are available within close proximity to the main area.

February to end of May provide a lot of cover and an abundance of water in the bush, therefore we recommend spot and stalk at that time. June- September are normally the best months for bow hunting. October and November see temperatures rising but animals can normally be found closer to the waterholes, which provide very good hunting opportunities.

All animal species available within the hunting area are truly wild African game, ensuring a real challenging hunt.

Enjoy one of the best bow hunting destinations available in Namibia.

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