The Best Hunting Destinations

Nils Kraus - May 30, 2011
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Hunting for food has been the primary source of sustenance for man since the Stone Age; however, with the farming of animals and easy availability of food, hunting has become a popular recreational activity for people. An extremely popular sport in Africa’s and America’s, this is also a major source of income for these continents.

1. Tanzania

Tanzania is a country with beautiful national parks and game reserves. It is also called the African hunter’s paradise and is considered the ultimate hunting destination. There are numerous game reserves in this land which is abundant with flora and fauna. The Selous Game Reserve is the largest hunting ground in the world dedicated to conducting hunts. The lion, buffalo and exotic species such as Sitatunga, Lesser Kunduk and Gerenuk are the popular animals hunted here. Other parks you must visit for game hunting are the Gombe Stream National Park, Mkomazi Game Reserve for Rhinos, Monduli Mountains, Ugalla. These reserves are not very well-known though offer a wide variety of games to hunters.

2. Mozambique

Its topography consists of thick forests, swamplands and palm forests. Earlier wildlife was heavily poached thus resulting in a dwindling population of animals. However, the initiative of the government in working with locals in promoting sustained hunting has revived Mozambique’s hunting industry. One can claim the Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo and Elephant as trophies from their hunting expeditions. Other unusual game trophies such as Kudu, Chobe bushbuck, Nyala, Eland and Crocodile are also hunted in Mozambique.

3. South Africa

South Africa is the destination to be for hunters seeking ‘luxury and that something extra’ while on a hunt. It is easily accessible from all over the world thus making it a preferred hunting destination. The world-famous Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg Game reserve, Kalahari Gemsbok National Park are some of the parks which offer a multitude of big game hunting. One can hunt game such as Nyala, Suni, White Rhino and Gnu apart from Buffaloes, Elephants, Lions etc.

4. Namibia

Earlier a favorite gaming spot among Europeans it is also gaining popularity among North American hunters. It offers a diverse selection of hunts such as the Elephant, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino and Steenbuck for hunting enthusiasts.

5. Montenegro

Located in Southeastern Europe this small country has relatively untouched landscapes and beautiful rugged countryside. Hunting in Montenegro is an actively practiced sport as the wildlife thrives in its rich jungles and forests. A wide variety of bird species are available for hunting such as quail, duck, turtle-dove, snipe; while the wild boar, bears, rabbits, chamois and wolves are also allowed to be hunted. The Skadarsko Jezero, Mount Durmitor, Bjelopavlicka vally, Crmnica and Ulcinj are popular hunting grounds in Montenegro.

6. Belarus

This landlocked country is an ideal hunting destination due to its flat landscape and marshy tracts. It also has 11,000 pristine lakes and 40% of its land is covered with forest area thus perfect for hunting and fishing game. Their national animal – the European Bison – is an exciting game to hunt. Among other big games, the Elk, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar and Wolf which provides exciting challenges.

7. Cambodia

After hunting was banned in 1954 in Cambodia the government finally opened doors to hunters in 2009. It is actively working with locals to promote sustainable hunting thus preserving Cambodia’s rich wildlife. For hunters who have money to spend Cambodia offers expeditions into underground jungles where one can hunt elephants, reptiles and birds.

8. Canada

Canada offers vast and beautiful landscapes to hunt and fish. The choices available for hunting big game are plentiful. One can head to Ontario for Deer and Waterfowl, Newfoundland for Caribou and Hare. Moose and Grouse are other games popular among hunters. For an extremely challenging and exciting hunt, one should go for a fishing expedition to the North i.e. Yukon, upper Quebec to fish for the traditional Seal, Arctic Fox and even the Beluga Whale. A hunting trip in Canada is an experience one will never forget.

9. Argentina

Argentina has one of the most regulated and organized hunting industry in the world. This country is rich in its biodiversity and provides some of the best games for hunting. Due to its close proximity to Antarctica, a wide assortment of birds and animals thrive here. Dove and Pigeons are hunted throughout the year while hunters seeking higher challenges can focus on the Blackbuck Antelope, Stags, Pumas and Water Buffalo. This place is a must-visit for any hunting enthusiast.

10. Uruguay

Uruguay is not as well-known as its southern neighbor though it offers a variety of birds and animals for game hunting. Hunting for ducks is the most popular game in Uruguay. Other games are pigeons, doves, freshwater fish are also available.

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  1. killing animals

    why would you kill such animals they are inosent and normal just like us. all of the animals in the world are going to be extinct before we even get to explore them which is why I am going to put a stop to this right now!

    Belinda (Australia)
  2. Hunting

    Hunting animals is not horrific and is a great, effective, and enjoyable way to control animal conservation. It is not inhuman to hunt, and is a far faster way for an animal to die then In the wild. There are strict laws in place that stop over hunting and overpopulation. As any hunter will tell you we want to make a clean, efficient, and humane kill. God put the animals on earth for us to rule over and have for food.That is how any one would kill such animals.

    Miles Dax (Other)
  3. USA

    I suppose this is a list of best hunting excluding the USA- United States has the most hunting opportunity out of any country

    aaron quinn (Afghanistan)
  4. Figures the anti hunter sounds like a fool

    It’s not surprising that the anti-hunter in the comment section is the most uneducated imbecile that could be found on the four corners of the earth. Thank you for showing those sitting on the fence an eloquent your types are. If you’re going to put an end to something, the best thing you could put it into is your love life so there’s no chance of you fathering or mothering a child with your genetics traits.

    With all that said I must agree do United States has by far the most vast hunting opportunities have any single country in the world. Hunting is legal in all 50 states by law. It’s also relatively cheap when compared to most other countries.

    Jereusa (Afghanistan)
  5. Hunting in Scotland

    Unfortunately we are at the mercy of those imbeciles as they are the majority together with the media.
    They influence corrupt members of governments that uses their stupidity to stay in power.

    Tomas (Afghanistan)
  6. Why does this include africa?

    You guys know that a lot of the animals there are endangered rights? I like hunting animals that have a stable population.

    Bill (Afghanistan)
  7. Ideologies restrain intelligence

    Dont worry, not all Aussies are ignorant, im currently doing my pet meating licence, we have plenty of game to hunt. Also you dont need permits for introduced species and the more you drop the better off the environment. Hunters are more environmentalist orientated than the anti hunters, most of them are just uneducated, their amygdala and hypothalamus is just over developed IMO ????. We have buffalo, bulls, big pigs, cats, dogs, donkeys, all sorts. I also pay permits for local species, that money goes towards their numbers, pay for 7 or 10 and you're effectively providing for double that when the parks and wildlife utilise the funds for land management. Get out, have a go!

    Ben (Australia)
  8. Its for Entertainment purposes

    If you don't' like that we hunt than y'all shouldn't be on this site! We are ones who love hunting you don't have too & i am sorry but you have to shoot animals because otherwise it will be overcrowded. If you hunt you would know that you can only shoot a certain amount depending on what it is.

    Susy Linn (Canada)
  9. We need to stop all illegal hunting in all countries around the globe

    Our environment is suffering with this terrible problem it having an bad Impacts on the importance bodiverse System of innocent animals species of all types please help us we need to work with our prime minister presidents in the following countries Tanzania Mozambique Namibia Montenegro Belarus Belarus Canada carbonia Argentina Uruguay Scotland the species animals are under threat of not being in the environment our chances are not great it bad please everyone help us to goes on the internet to find all the petitions to sign up please this need to be done for the sake of the beautiful animals species please this shouldn't have happened at all please you have an gun destroyed it it only going to destroy our environment of health System the environment will not work at all it needs all the importance bodiverse endangered species in all please help us thank you

    Claudia (Afghanistan)
  10. Deal with it

    Listen killing animals dude you are going to have to Except that some people love the hunting sport and hunting stops over population in animals

    Sabastian Malone (USA)
  11. We Need to stop the greens

    For all hunters out here we need to stop the greens from this land that we call our second home the bush we need to get out and protect our hunting and by this, i mean by doing what's right and standing up to the greens and make hunting a political government group so campers hunters and fishers can keep this privilege we have whose in

    james (Australia)
  12. True hunting facts

    Anti-hunters don't get it. We spay and neuter domesticated animals, and give them rabies vaccinations. That cannot be done with wildlife. Hunting, and trapping are the only way to control population and disease in the wild. Deer can get Tuberculosis. Hunting on Cambodia for elephants here is a cold hard fact. Asian elephants when they hit senior citizen, and lose all their teeth they starve to death. Hunting on that respect is more humane. Hunting Prarie dogs on the U.S. may sound cruel because they are cute. They are dangerous to livestock, and other large animals. They will burrow in the ground like moles, and then the bog animals step them, and break their legs. Letting nature handle it is cruel.

    Michael (USA)

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