DESTINATION/ Mongolia: Going Hot and Cold

Mongolia – known for its vast plains, Nomads and cheerful feasts. Discover the country that is opening up to the global tourist offering pristine nature, rocky mountains as well as tours through the modern capital Ulaanbaatar.


Mongolia – The Wild Land of Nomads

Andrea Hausold

Mongolia is one of the last unspoiled pristine lands on our small planet – wild, splendid and virtually intact vastness. Snow-capped mountains, ancient volcanoes, virgin forests, placid lakes, pure rivers full of freshwater fish and steppes that are serenely white or multi-coloured from lush green, bronze or yellow grass ... Fauna and flora, although threatened to some extent by the whims of nature or human excesses, are extraordinarily diverse and exuberant especially during warm seasons. D...

Mongolia’s Tourism Industry Facing Challenges

Theodore Slate

The global economic slowdown caused a dramatic drop in demand for and prices of Mongolian natural resources. The economy and tourism suffered considerably as a consequence. Domestic tourism was impacted heavily. Mongolia has felt the impact of the global economic crisis more heavily than most countries in Asia. The number of inbound arrivals fell as weak purchasing power affected both the ability to travel and the travel choices of international consumers. The number of arrivals and departure...

Mongolia Changing Tourism Landscape

Wayne M. Gore

Mongolia, the land of endless steppes and nomadic traditions is changing; it is happening very fast but is it a change for good or rather a change for worse? Mongolia is undergoing an economic change – the land of Genghis Khan is evolving fast and the country has recently joined the world of rapidly developing nations. Thanks to the abundance of mineral resources, the country has opened itself up to large global mining players keen to make the most of its underground wealth. The GDP of ...

Ulaanbaatar: Tents and Skyscrapers

Nils Kraus

Like nearly one half of the Mongolian population, the capital city of Ulaanbaatar is a nomad. The city has changed locations more than twenty times over the past 350 years before taking root in its current location in a sweeping valley bounded by four sacred peaks, including the Bogd Khan mountain in the south. Besides its location the capital has also changed its names several times over the years, having been called Urguu from 1639 to 1706, Ih Huree from 1706 to 1911, Niislel Huree from 191...

Tourism in Mongolia: Getting Ready for Visitors

Cecilia Garland

Mongolia boasts of being the last and the least traveled tourist destination in the world. As the old saying goes ‘the best is kept to last’ – in 1991 after being hidden behind the communist iron curtain for seven decades, Mongolia opened up for adventurers and travelers. Many dreamed for years to visit the steppes where the great Genghis Khan was born and ruled the world. These dreams came true. Today, there are approximately one million nomads living in centuries old yurts, herding their live...