HERITAGE/ World's Attractions: The Biggest and Smallest

Great attractions lure crowds of tourists. However, even the less known and smaller sights are worth seeing. Explore the smallest house in Britain, the biggest champagne glass, the longest swamp lane and much more.


Liepaja: Full of Surprising and Unique Sights

Chris Grad

The city of Liepaja is located in the south-western part of Latvia on a narrow stretch of land between the Baltic Sea and Liepaja Lake. People have been living there for more than 750 years and have changed Liepaja from a small village into the third largest city in the country with the population of 85,000 people. The people of Liepaja have always been very proud. Many unique sights can be seen in Liepaja and its surroundings too. Sights, sounds and experiences unique in Latvia and the Balti...

The Smallest House in Britain – Mind Your Head!

Andrew J. Wein

A tiny house in the picturesque medieval town of Conwy, Wales, known as the Quay House is believed to be the smallest house in Britain. The 3.05 meter by 1.8 meter (10 feet by 6 feet) structure was used as a residence from the 16th century until 1900. The Last Tenant Looking at the houses in the street it seems that house building started at both ends of the street, and when the workers reached the middle there was a small gap which was filled with a small house. The last tenant, Mr Robert ...

Champagne – The Marne of Superlatives

Daniel A. Tanner

Situated in the Champagne-Ardenne region, the Marne area, 140 km from Paris, is considered as the birth place of champagne, the king of wines and the wine of kings. Many kings of France during their coronation in Reims would taste the local wine. Champagne was called at this time ‘le vin du diable’ (devils’ wine) or ‘vin saute-bouchon’ (exploding wine) as the slight fizz to the wine was not understood at the time, nor was the fact that the bottles had a ...

Province of Vercelli: Big and Small Attractions

Ashley Nault

A large hourglass which contains grains of sand of infinite shapes and colours: this is the Italian province of Vercelli, a territory with unusual borders that embraces the entire course of the Sesia River from the Monte Rosa to the Po River and encloses an incredible variety of landscapes and natural environments but also those with historical and artistic elements and those with numerous and amazing cultural spots. It is just for this very reason that the entire area has so much to offer and f...