Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2019

Sep 2, 2019

Dear readers,

the tourism industry has been growing immensely. In fact, in 2018 the international tourist arrivals grew by 5% reaching the 1.4 billion mark - two years earlier than the World Tourism Organization expected. Moreover, the total export earnings from international tourism grew by 4% last year.

Some regions grow faster than the others of course; some do not use their full potential. Like the African continent lacking investments and security. The Markets supplement focuses on this very region.

Now, Portugal is a different story with its growing tourism numbers. Yet, various critics point out the extensive pollution produced by air transport and cruise ships. To learn more, open the Destination part.

Medical tourism sector has been steadily growing for years. Discover more in the Sectors supplement. But first of all, open the Development part focusing this time on the incredible advancements of technology and its use in the tourism sector.

Enjoy the issue!

Tourism Review Team


Markets/Africa Yet to Release Its Full Tourism Potential

Alec Hills

- Sep 2, 2019

The tourism potential of the African continent is undeniable. In 2018, 67 million tourists visited the African continent. Besides rich culture, the diversity of wildlife is an immense attraction in particular. Many African regions rejoice over growing tourism numbers, yet the full potential is not used by them – mainly due to limited budgets but also the security situation.

Sectors/Medical Tourism Sector on the Rise

Alec Hills

- Sep 2, 2019

Medical tourism is a segment representing organized travel to undergo an affordable medical treatment in a different country. The global medical tourism market was valued at $53,768 million in 2017, and is estimated to reach at $143,461 million by 2025. Lower costs and quality of care are the main attractions of the medical tourists but safety needs to be considered as well.

Development/Technologies Drive Travel and Hospitality Industry

Anna Luebke

- Sep 2, 2019

In the past, tourism technology was mostly related to the computer reservation systems of airlines. No more. Today, technology is used to book flights, tours, transfers, and others. Many companies dig deeper into the potential of technology, others on the other hand offer tech-free holidays. In any way, tourism technology is here to stay and develop at an incredible pace.

Destination/Portugal - Trendy Destination

Alec Hills

- Sep 2, 2019

Portuguese tourism authorities estimate a record 24 million visitors will arrive to the country this year. No wonder. Portugal’s offer of sights is diverse and rich ranging from nature reserves to religious destinations. Many however are worried about the pollution caused by the cruise ships and airports and suggest more eco-friendly policies.