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Recently, “Euro Monitor” conducted a research study on dentistry and plastic surgery work in Costa Rica. According to the research report, 90% of dental work is performed on foreigners in Costa Rican hospitals. Of course, the reason for this popularity is the low cost and high quality of dental treatments.

Costa Rica: A Popular Destination for Dental Tourism

Costa Rican hospitals and dental clinics offer affordable dental packages – which include X-ray and prosthesis costs. The cost of dental procedures in Costa Rica is 60-80% cheaper than dental clinics in the United States, Canada, and other developed countries. There are over 100 million Americans without dental insurance – so dental holidays are an easy and attractive option for many.

The country is close to the United States and Canada, which makes traveling easy and hassle-free. You will just need to four to seven hours to travel from Canada or the U.S. So, Costa Rica offers proximity and convenience to the U.S, Canadian, and other citizens.

Last year, Costa Rica welcomed more than 55,000 medical tourists – especially with a growing number of dental tourists. This year, the country is expecting to receive an increased number of dental tourists.

While Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for dental tourists from the U.S., recent reports show that Costa Rica has rapidly grown in its popularity and is now among the most visited destinations in the world – in terms of medical and dental tourism. So much so, the country is continuously building its reputation as a top-class dental care destination.

World-Class Technology, Prosthesis, and Equipment

Costa Rican dental clinics use top-quality dental prosthesis and equipment. Dental clinics and centers import equipment from the U.S. reputed companies like Bicon, Keystone Dental, Straumann, and Biocare.

Tourists visiting Costa Rica to perform the dental procedure – especially the cosmetic dentistry – are stunned at the high level of individualized care. Dental clinics in Costa Rica have many years of experience in treating medical tourists. Almost all clinics have state-of-the-art facilities and multi-disciplinary professionals who use cutting-edge technological tools along with extensive medical skills to ensure customers satisfaction.

Costa Rican clinics keenly take into consideration the standards of hygiene and equipment sterilization. They make sure the staff speaks English in a fluent manner and treat the patients according to the medical ethos or protocols. Orthodontists, dentists, and other professionals have first-rate expertise and high level of experience because of dozens of dental cases they handle every day. The provision of high-quality dental service to foreigners is a “set-in-stone” approach for Costa Rican Dental Clinics.

Costa Rican dental clinics offer a wide range of dental vacation packages – including the fixed price packages, which reduce or erase the hesitation or insecurity of foreigners about the final bill. In the United States, most often, you don’t know the clear cost of the treatment and stay in advance. In contrast, the fixed-price packages, offered by the Costa Rican medical organizations, are a great way to know the cost of dental tourism before traveling. Moreover, dental reports such as X-rays are required in advance, before your trip to the country.

The Safety of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Before traveling anywhere for medical treatment, it is important to investigate the safety issues – primarily your personal safety and the safety of dental procedures.

Although it is true that there is no 100% success rate, Costa Rican dental centers ensure to provide you the best dental service utilizing medical protocols and ethics. They make sure to fix all sort of complications that may occur.

Costa Rican dental clinics make substantial efforts to minimize the chances of ending up with bad experiences. So, they conduct significant research to improve their dental facilities and provide you with state-of-the-art and quality service.

When it comes to dental tourism and safety, it is vital to know that Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Central America with the lowest crime rates compared to other countries in the region.

Is Dental Treatment in Costa Rica a Good Idea?

If you are contemplating getting dental treatment in Costa Rica, but have not quite made up your mind yet, you have to know that Costa Rican dentists are famous for providing their services at low costs while still maintaining high-quality standards.

For starters, dental treatments in Costa Rica are a good excuse to take some time off work and finally take that much deserved holiday. Such excursions are called dental vacations by dentists and have become very popular lately. Other advantages of dental vacations in Costa Rica are:

Best Packages

Costa Rica has quite a promising dental industry where patients are not just offered services for rates that are 50 to 80% less than what they would be required to pay in the US and Canada, but also benefit from excellent hygiene and service standards. Therefore, if you are looking for a good dental deal, Costa Rica is your place to go.

Location and Convenience

Costa Rica is also popular among American and Canadian residents because of its proximity, convenient travelling distance, and cheap travelling costs. According to patients who have already availed dental services in this country, the entire trip including the flight tickets, accommodation as well as the treatment still proves to be around half the price of what they are initially quoted by dentists in their own countries.

Personalized Care

Most patients who have had their cosmetic dentistry procedures done in Costa Rica often marvel at the amount of personalization and effort put in by their service providers in both the treatment as well as the post-procedure care. Dental clinics here ensure that all the needs and requirements of their patients are duly met while prioritizing their comfort as well.

Expertise and Experience

A lot of prospective dental candidates worry about the standards and quality of treatment that they would be provided within Costa Rica considering how low the costs are. The dental clinics in Costa Rica have their dental licenses, qualifications, memberships, and affiliations displayed in their clinics for patients who need to validate the authenticity of the clinics. Rest assured, you are in safe hands when getting your dental treatments in Costa Rica because the dentists here are not only highly qualified but also have a lot of expertise in their area of work and a polished skill set. They also have strict hygiene and standard policies with regular and strict practices of equipment sterilization and cleaning.

Therefore, with all the benefits that Costa Rica’s dental industry offers, we believe that having your treatments done here is actually not too bad of an idea after all. There are also websites and web pages like the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide, where you can find more information on dental treatments in Costa Rica.

In conclusion, Costa Rica has world-class dental facilities in entire Latin America – offering high-quality, hygienic, advanced, and affordable dental services to foreigners or dental tourists. The people of Costa Rica are likewise friendly and hospitable – making it a perfect vacation destination that will fit in your budget. Lastly, you can combine your dental trip with recreational tours which – without a shadow of a doubt – is a great benefit.

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