Larry Brain - Oct 9, 2023
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Costa Rica's tourism industry has announced that the country's figures for 2023 have reached the same levels as those in 2019, which was the best year for tourism in Costa Rica before the global pandemic.

In 2023, 1,736,512 international visitors flew to Costa Rica, comprising about 90% of the country's visitors. This indicates that air travel is a significant investment area for the country. The figures from 2023 have helped Costa Rica recover not only in terms of tourism but also in terms of employment and the economy, reaching 2019 levels.

Tourism Oriented towards Nature Experience

Costa Rica is renowned for its natural environment, which has become increasingly popular with visitors seeking to reconnect with nature since the pandemic. The country aims to promote an immersive experience of nature to international visitors rather than selling a product.

The government is actively developing its natural resources and sustainable destination profile to achieve this. Approximately 26% of Costa Rica's territory is protected areas, such as natural parks and reserves. The country has also introduced a certificate of tourism sustainability, which imposes regulations to preserve the territory's natural resources. This focus on sustainable tourism attracted up to 3 million visitors to Costa Rica in 2019.

Sustainability at the Heart of Costa Rica's Tourism

Costa Rica has invested in sustainability and the environment for a long time. The country abolished its armed forces in 1948, allowing it to invest more budgets into its social, healthcare, and environmental sectors.

Costa Rica recognizes the importance of renewable energy to achieve sustainability and has already accomplished 99.9% renewable energy consumption. Furthermore, the country is actively working on an ecological transition to replace 60% of traditional polluting vehicles with electric or more eco-friendly options. The goal is to be a fully carbon-free destination by 2050.

Costa Rica is committed to following the 17 measures recommended by the United Nations to improve the environment. The country is also among the few in the world actively involved in reforestation, with a significant growth of 57% in natural forest areas. The government focuses on improving the national healthcare system and promoting sustainable tourism, which benefits visitors and locals alike.

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