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According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), Portugal received 22.8 million tourists in 2018; Lisbon alone received 3.79 million visitors. The Algarve - with 30.2% of total overnight stays - and the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) - with 25.9% - remained as the main destinations in the country. Lisbon is growing in popularity as a tourist hotspot over the past few years. The city has a vibrant vibe, stunning colonial architecture, accessible coastline, thrilling nightlife, and iconic attractions that you can explore. Nevertheless, the real hidden treasures are located nearby the Portuguese capital. Tourism Review in cooperation with Week Break Tours, the established inbound small groups travel provider in Portugal, brings the most interesting one-day trips from Lisbon.


Religion and Tradition in the West

If you are a religious passionate, you should make sure you do not miss the day trip from Lisbon to one of the most emblematic places for the Christian religion in the country and in the world. But this day trip is so much more than just religion, it’s a travel through Portugal’s history in one of it’s most important periods of consolidation as a country. Some of the places not to miss are Fátima, Batalha Monastery, Nazaré, and Óbidos. Fátima is just about 1 hour from Lisbon and you are going to find one of the largest sanctuaries in the world that you can visit. You can then head to Monastery of Batalha which features one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in the country. The monastery was built as a worship gift for the victory during the Battle of Aljubarrota and you can also visit the battlegrounds. You can then head to the fishing village of Nazaré, home of the tallest wave in the world and visit also the Sanctuary of Nazaré to enjoy mind-blowing views of the village below. You can then finish your day trip by going sightseeing in Óbidos which is a magnificently preserved medieval village.

Tomar Knights Templar Route

If you are a history lover, you should make sure you go on a day trip through the Tomar Route as you will learn about the importance of Templar Knights formation. The highlight of the region is Tomar which is among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once you step foot in the country, you can visit the castle which houses the popular convent of Christ where you will find some of the mind-blowing works of Manueline style. You can also visit the Almourol Castle which is located in the middle of an island in the river Tagus and it was used by the Templar Knights as a line of defense. You can then complete your day trip at Constancia which is a magnificent village and it was also the refuge of Camoes, an important poet in Portugal.

Lisbon South Beaches and Wine Region

If you are looking for a region not far from Lisbon where you can explore hidden beaches and try out wine tasting activity, this region is for you. You are going to find hidden beaches in the area between Portinho and Figueirinha before you head to Setúbal. Setúbal is a district capital of the region, has one of the world’s best markets and it is a great place where you can try out mouth-watering seafood dishes. In nearby Azeitão, you are also going to find a local winery where you can taste the popular Moscatel fortified wine. You can then finish your day tour by visiting the statue of Christ to enjoy panoramic views of Lisbon.

The Old Royal Stud Farm and Estremoz

This old Royal stud farm is where one of the most popular horse breeds in the world are born. Lusitanian Horse breed was created by the Portuguese King during the 18th century and it has been serving kings and other institutions in the country since then. The farm is just 2-hour drive from Lisbon and you can go on a guided tour to learn about the history of the horse and the Portuguese Riding Art which is also recognized by UNESCO as Immaterial World Heritage. On the farm, you may have the chance of seeing the horses roaming in the wild. You can then head to Estremoz which is the home of the best marble extraction in the country. After exploring the town, you should make sure you visit the Ducal Palace in Vila Vicosa which is the home of Braganca family for centuries.


Evora is the regional capital of Alentejo and it is filled with a wide range of attractions that you can explore. The city is awarded as old center World Heritage status by the UNESCO which shows the uniqueness of the historic monuments located around the city. The city is not far from Lisbon and some of the best attractions not to miss in and around the city are the enormous 12th-century cathedral in Se, the Roman Temple, and the Bones Chapel. For a unique and genuine experience, you can have lunch in the nearby village of Monsaraz, very well preserved inside the walls of an 8th century castle and finish off the day with a wine tasting on one of the wineries of the region.

All of this private day trips and tours are always provided by experienced and local guides that will enhance your experience while in Portugal. Much more than just driving you to the places, a whole background, and cultural framing is given in order to add more authenticity to your holidays. Visit and plan your private and small group tours while in Portugal with a provider that will certainly add immense value to your holidays.

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