World’s Best Eco-Friendly Airports

James Morris - Jan 04, 2016
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With all the talk about the increasing pollution in the world, governments and contractors have been concerned about the environment. One major step that most governments have been taking is to build eco-friendly airports. The most eco-friendly airports can be found all around the world. 

10. Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi, India

The 8th largest and the youngest eco-friendly airport in the world is the IGI or Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi. This airport was awarded the LEED New Construction Gold Certification by the Indian Green Building Council. During the construction of the airport, only recycled materials were used. The site uses only natural light during daytime. Moreover, energy efficient LED screens and water recycling system have been used. 

9. Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts

The Logan International Airport’s Terminal A became the first airport terminal in the United States to receive the prestigious LEED certification. The certificate was awarded in 2006. The airport was able to achieve this feat by using only customer savvy and eco-friendly plans. For the heat reflecting roof and construction, only recycled materials were used. With such environmental hacks, Logan is considered to be one of the best eco-friendly airports in the world. 

8. Dubai Airport, Dubai, UAE

The producer of the largest gold chain in the world resides in Dubai. Since it is among the richest cities on the planet, you do not expect it to focus on recycling business. However, Dubai did a great job by making their airport green. In order to save water, the site uses high-end flow arrestors. It also features an energy efficient electricity system. 

7. Zurich Airport, Switzerland

The Zurich Airport has the technology to use local weather and natural resources to the maximum extent. Cooling and heating run on geothermal energy, while flushes in toilets use rainwater. In order to save energy, the airport collects solar power. It also uses a compressed natural gas station to reduce the carbon footprint. 

6. Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, Finland

Helsinki has always been famous for being a green city. It has numerous playgrounds, public parks and recreational sites. In order to focus on an energy efficient transportation system, the airport uses green energy sources and recycling materials.

5. Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado

The recycling and power saving technology employed at the Denver International Airport is quite impressive. The airport has the largest solar power system in the U.S. It also features the greenest parking lot in the world. 

4. Queen Alia Airport, Amman, Jordan

Petra, Jordan is famous for being home to one of the seven wonders. The primary airport serving Petra is the Queen Alia Airport. It focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly airport architecture. The environmental techniques and strategies in place focus on pre-conditioning of air and promoting tree plantations. 

3. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the perfect mix of traditional living, cultural diversity and innovative technologies. It is the 6th most visited city in the world. The airport was based on the theme of a rainforest. This caters to the needs and requirements of millions of passengers travelling to Malaysia. 

2. Munich International Airport, Germany

Germany is considered one of the greenest countries in the world. Munich International Airport has been designed mostly from glass. The airport authority maintains a very high level of eco-friendly management system. It employs lighting machinery and air supply technology to reduce the carbon footprint. In the airport, you will see only LED lighting equipment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

1. Changi International Airport, Singapore

If you want to see nature, travel to Changi. The Changi International Airport is the perfect start for your journey. Though it is one of the busiest airports in world, it is also the most eco-friendly one. The airport is famous for its gardens and greenery. It seems similar to what Singapore actually looks on the outside. The design and construction of the airport focuses on sustainability. It aims to relieve the stress after long travel. Passengers can enjoy nature while waiting to board their flights. The site is relaxing and soothing. 

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  1. Great list

    This is an amazing list. It is good to know that many airports are going green and hope that many more will adapt to being green soon!

    Zack Hofmann (India)
  2. Another Eco-Friendly Airport Soon

    There is another airport coming up in the city of Vadodara in Gujarat, India. Theairport has been rated by GRIHA (Green Ratings of International Habitat Assessment), the highest national rating for green buildings conceived by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute).

    Shreyansh Tanna (India)
  3. What about Jet Fuel burnoff

    I have always wondered about how the Jet fuel exhaust affects our atmosphere in relation to Global warming? Also rocket launches into space?

    Rebecca McLaughlin (Afghanistan)

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