Sara Thopson - Feb 19, 2023
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Passenger numbers at Austria's largest airport, Vienna International Airport, were more than twice as high in January as they were a year ago but have not yet reached the pre-Corona pandemic levels.

Some 1.67 million air passengers were counted in Vienna in January - 103.7 percent more than in January 2022, but 9 percent fewer than in January 2019, the airport management reported.

In the entire Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna International Airport, Malta Airport and Kosice Airport), passenger volume increased by 109.4% to approximately 2.08 million, which was also 9% less than before Corona.

At the Vienna site, the number of local air passengers rose to approximately 1.33 million (+108.8%) and the number of transfer passengers to almost 337,070 (+87.1%). Aircraft movements increased to 14,428 takeoffs and landings (+47.2 percent). Freight volumes decreased by 13.4% to 17,979 tons compared to January 2022.

563,085 passengers flew from Vienna International Airport to Western Europe, (+113.5 percent compared to the previous year). A total of 126,366 passengers (+80.7 percent) traveled to Eastern Europe.

To North America, the airport recorded 20,472 air passengers (+56.9 percent) and to Africa 23,169 (+120.4 percent). To the Middle East, Vienna Airport had a total of 71,042 passengers in January 2023 (+199.9 percent) and to the Far East, the number of passengers increased to 30,503 (+316.8 percent).

The Flughafen Wien shareholdings also recorded growth: At Malta Airport, passenger traffic increased year-on-year to 379,335 travelers (+138.0 percent) in January 2023, 3.6 percent above the pre-crisis level (January 2019). At Kosice Airport, passenger traffic increased to 27,456 (+118.8 percent), already exceeding the pre-crisis level by 4.9 percent.

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