Denise Chen - Jun 25, 2023
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The data from Vienna Tourism could hardly be more encouraging. In May, the number of overnight stays reached 1.5 million. The number is already 93% of the volume in 2019.

Vienna's tourism industry is doing well, and the city's politicians can breathe a sigh of relief and count their money. The locals are not always happy about the masses of American or Chinese guests in the city center. However, they are glad to accept it after all the dry years of crisis.

Compared to the previous year, the number of overnight stays in the city's accommodation facilities has again increased by 20% - in May, the number almost reached the 1.5 million mark. From January to May, 5,944,000 million people visited Vienna. Between January and April, the net revenue from overnight stays generated an impressive 290 million euros.

With 320,000 overnight stays (+16%), Germany leads the list of the top 10 markets in May, followed by Austria (286,000, -4%), the United States (96,000, +43%), the United Kingdom (55,000, +27%), Italy (49,000, +38%), France (44,000, +29%), Poland (41,000, +44%), Switzerland (39,000, +19%), Spain (32,000, +16%) and Israel (26,000, -19%). And they all spend a lot: In April alone, 101.3 million euros were spent - an increase of 73% compared to April 2019.

It's a common misconception that hotels and guesthouses are completely booked, but that's not entirely true. In May, the average occupancy rate for hotel beds was 56.3% (5/2022: 50.4%), and that of hotel rooms was around 71% (5/2022: around 64%). Although tourism is rising, there's still room for improvement since 69,200 hotel beds were available in May.

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