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Airports are an important part of traveling - they are the point of departure and arrival, place of meeting or separation with our loved ones. While for many travelers, airports are mostly places of stressful lines, check-ins, and waiting some airport offer unique experience – from surfing to going on a culture trip. Tourism Review present some of the most interesting airport attractions.

Go surfing at the Munich International Airport, Munich, Germany

Laugh as airport troll tourists at Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado

Wander around the Maze at Changi Airport Singapore, Changi, Singapore

The Changi Airport is usually among the most favorite airports around the world and this may have to do with the numerous activities that you can try out here. The airport features 4 terminals with a plethora of attractions to explore. The highlight of the airport is the Instagram-worthy garden that is designed like a maze. The garden is also considered as the largest hedge maze in the country and the best thing to do at the airport is to explore the enormous maze that leads to a viewpoint where you can enjoy panoramic views of the landscape. You should always keep in mind your departure time so you don’t miss your flight.

Explore the War Tunnel Tour at Sarajevo International Airport, Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

Although most of the actions at the airport happen mostly above the ground, Sarajevo International Airport offers tourists the chance to explore the world underneath it. The Sarajevo Tunnel is also called the Tunnel of Hope. It was built in 1993 during the Bosnian War and it runs under the airport. This hidden gem was discovered by Laura DiBiase while traveling through Eastern Europe. Visitors can explore the tunnel which connected the Bosnian territories when the city was under attack by the Serbians. The tunnel was mainly used for keeping the territory alive, to transport the arms, supplies, and so on. The tunnel was also used by the UN controlling the airport for humanitarian aid. The best thing to do while at the airport is to tour the safe house before you catch your flight.

Learn how to pilot a plane at Zurich Airport, Zurich, Switzerland

One of the best things that you can try out while waiting for your flight is to learn how to pilot a plane. The airport at Zurich houses the Sim Academy where you can take part in a flight training simulation. At the academy, you can easily choose from training solo or with a group and the academy will also provide 4 different types of aircraft that you can choose from. You are also going to find a wide range of attractions that you can try out for flight lovers like the Airside Foto tours. You should also make sure you visit the Airscope Binoculars where you can enjoy mesmerizing views from the observation deck. You can also simply register for a round-trip sightseeing tour by the helicopter to enjoy panoramic views over the area.

Experience Culture at the Incheon International Airport, Incheon, South Korea

One of the main reasons for traveling to a new city is to immerse yourself in the culture. The great thing about Incheon International Airport is that you will be able to experience the traditions and historical artifacts of the country while you are at the airport. You are going to find lots of museums, Korea Culture Experience Centers, observatories, and art galleries that you can explore at the airport. The airport also organizes lots of free sightseeing tours throughout the city that you can join if you have time on your side. You will love the engaging exhibitions that are on offer at the airport. The highlight of the airport is the numerous Korean Culture Centers where you can enjoy free music and dance performances with lots of free arts and crafts to explore.

Tour the airport with a Band at Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Although many of us do not like the music that is played at the airports as it makes us sleepy, it is quite different at the Philadelphia International Airport. The airport is the home of the Philly Phever band that walks throughout the airport by playing music to entertain travelers that are waiting for their flights. One of the great things to do while waiting at the airport is to go on a walking tour of the facilities while you enjoy an energetic performance by the band.

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