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Solar panels, recycled aircraft, reused construction materials – airports and airlines often try to become more environmentally friendly. Who are the best in their efforts? Discover the greenest airlines and airports in the world.



Greenest Airlines – Ryan Air Tops the List

James Morris

The aviation industry is responsible for roughly 2 or 3 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions. While not a large figure, the constant increase in air traffic is bound to reveal a higher percentage soon enough. International regulations in order to thwart emissions haven't been implemented yet, since they would limit the profits. Brighter Report has compiled a list that presents the top greenest airlines in the world. The criteria used include the numbers of passengers and seats, the age...

Old Aircraft? 90% Can Be Recycled

Daniel A. Tanner

Cathay Pacific Airways, who have always considered themselves to be the airline most committed to green technology, sustainability and protecting the environment, recently unveiled their largest recycling project ever. In November, Cathay Pacific announced that they will begin to dismantle and recycle the Airbus A340’s that are going to be retired from their fleet. Given their focus on responsibility and sustainability, it only seems logical that their priorities would include effectively man...

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Airports

James Morris

With all the talk about the increasing pollution in the world, governments and contractors have been concerned about the environment. One major step that most governments have been taking is to build eco-friendly airports. The most eco-friendly airports can be found all around the world.  10. Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi, India The 8th largest and the youngest eco-friendly airport in the world is the IGI or Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi. This airport was awarded the LEED New Construction ...

Ecological Airport Becomes a Popular Tourist Attraction

Joe McClain

The Galapagos Islands is one of the most environmentally-friendly regions in the world. The Islands are home to an ecological airport, which has been dubbed as the first green airport in the world. Coming in an era when the world is under threat from climate change, and with airports being one of the largest contributors to the global carbon emission, the ecological airport has helped to conserve the environment maintaining the natural surroundings.  Galapagos Ecological airport, formerly kno...