Top Nine Pet Friendly Hotel Chains

Denise Chen - Oct 27, 2014
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All is for one, and one is for all. For many people, vacation is incomplete if their pets are not with them. There is good news though as more hotel chains are making it less expensive and easier so that you can bring your pet along with you. These pet-friendly chains not only allow dogs, but also other animals like reptiles, birds and cats.

On one side, there's pet friendly, and on the other side there's Kimpton. This chain welcomes any pet that can fit through the door and not just dogs. A great dedication is shown by this boutique hotel chain for its feathery, scaly and furry friends with its 59 properties in the U.S. Things like nearby pet-friendly restaurants, pet beds, parks and reception of nightly wine, where pets are allowed makes Kimpton one the friendliest pet hotel chains. They even provide guests with friendly pet fish if they are travelling alone and want some company.

This company has 18 branches in U.S and Canada and they organize a program called 'Loews Loves Pets' which proves that for animals, this brand has a serious soft spot. Fees for pets vary from place to place, but $25 is common as a one-time service fee. Accessories like water and food bowls, beds, at most two pets per room, litter boxes and even pet mats are provided by the hotels. They also provide a room service menu for cats and dogs in which there are vet-and-chef-developed recipes.

Best Western is not kidding when it calls itself a leader in pet-friendly travel. They have more than 1,600 hotels that can accommodate pets and provide all the options open and at a low cost. Their program for pet allows up to 80 pounds of two dogs each in each room and other animals like snakes, monkeys, birds and cats are also allowed by some hotels. A maximum of $20 per day is charged by Best Western and up to $100 per week. There are some properties that charge as a refundable damage deposit.

Seven locations of Ace Hotel – five in U.S. and another in Panama and London – provide a 'pet friendly' option. For the first pet, they charge $25 for a night and other pets are likely to go free or at a charge of $10 per night depending on the property.

Dogs are loved so much by Fairmont Hotel that it organizes its own pet program known as a Canine Ambassador program. It includes the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and the Fairmont Copley Plaza. Any four-legged best friend can be brought by the pet owners in the hotel. Their policies vary from location to location, such as at Battery Wharf in Boston pets under 25 pounds of weight are charged $25 but they go free at Fairmont Washington, D.C., and Georgetown.

Hotel Indigo’s policy is – full bowls and open arms. These hotels welcome dogs with red carpet and treat them with doggie beds. There are more than 3 dozen hotels of this InterContinental brand in the U.S. The cost of treating pets depends on the location but is usually between $25 and $75, however some properties charge even $100 like Sarasota.

Pets are accepted by many of Four Seasons hotels and resorts although not all. Pets like dogs and cats up to 15 to 25 pounds are allowed by this luxury brand hotel with room amenities like piddle pads, water bowls and beds. Also, what is pleasant is that pet go for free.

La Quinta specializes on accommodating big dogs. Only four out of 830 U.S. locations of this company don't allow pets – Monterey, California; Manhattan and Queens, New York and San Antonio Conference/Medical Center. There is no extra charge for pets and up to two cats or dogs are allowed in these hotels.

According to many, Red Roof Inn is the best friend of pets. Out of all the branches only three of them don't allow pets because of local ordinances. There are 360 pet-friendly properties provided by this company. There is no charge for pets for a night. However, no room service is provided for dogs.

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