PROFESSIONAL/ Hotel Chains with Pet Friendly Policies

More and more hotels and hotel chains open their gates to guests with their pets. Explore the pet friendly hotel chains around the world and decide where to take your beloved four-legged friend for holiday next time.


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Pet Friendly Hotel Chains – Pets Welcome but Often Charged

Denise Chen

All is for one, and one is for all. For many people, vacation is incomplete if their pets are not with them. There is good news though as more hotel chains are making it less expensive and easier so that you can bring your pet along with you. These pet-friendly chains not only allow dogs, but also other animals like reptiles, birds and cats. KIMPTON HOTELS On one side, there's pet friendly, and on the other side there's Kimpton. This chain welcomes any pet that can fit through the door and not ...
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Handling Non-Pet Friendly Guests in Pet Friendly Hotels

Daniel A. Tanner

There are many people who love their pets, and can’t go on holiday without them. These people are also willing to spend a lot of money on pet care and travel. More than 50% households in America have pets. However, this also means that around 50% don’t have pets. As a hotel or inn owner, you have to deal with both categories.  Recently, American Airlines announced that their flights transport more than 100,000 pets every year. This amounts to multimillions of dollars in profi...

Tips: Traveling with a Pet around Europe

Dan Rang

European hotels like in many parts of the world mostly welcome travelers with their pets. Sometimes a non-refundable surcharge needs to be paid but it is usually around 10 Euros. It is always wise to contact the hotel management first to get familiar with their pet policy. Hotels, such as Holiday Inn, Best Western Hotels, Radisson SAS, and Golden Tulip, suggest their customers to do this beforehand to avoid any troubles during their trip. It would be disappointing to be turned away once you are...
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Hotel Animals – Accommodation with Fish, Giraffe, and Ducks

Chris Grad

Bored of regular hotels and looking for something more? How about a giraffe curiously peeking through your window or ducks graciously walking around? While most hotels keep animals away, some graciously welcome them in. From friendly dogs and cats to polar bears and giraffes, these hotels make their animals their USP. Here's our list of 10 best hotels with animals.  Giraffe Manor (Nairobi, Kenya): The name kind of gives it away, doesn't it? Home to a herd of endangered Rothschild giraffes, the ...