Professional: Pet Friendly Holidays

Millions of people all around the world share their homes with loving pets – dogs, cats, birds, lizards and many more. The trouble comes when you want to travel. Should you take your friend with you? Is it possible, anyway?


Dog Friendly Opportunities

Nils Kraus

Anecdotal evidence shows many dog owners don’t go on holiday because they don’t know what possibilities exist to take their best friends with them. Potential day-trippers stay at home or don’t venture to enjoy a meal after a day out, because they don’t know there are lots of places that will welcome their dog. The truth is there’s ample opportunity in the dog-friendly tourism sector; it’s just a case of drawing it to the attention of responsible dog owners. ...

Pet Tourism – Challenges and Prospects

Anna Luebke

Pets are part of the family and the human-pet bond is strong with each partner enriching from the relationship. Pets provide company, security, pleasure and affection to their owners who often carry their picture, believe in their sensitivity, ‘talk’ to them and sometimes allow them in the bedroom. The presence of pets during short visits/long holidays is an established norm and ongoing popular fascination since the Second World War. Dogs and cats make popular holidaying companions to smaller ...

Be Responsible and Get Ready for Your Doggy Vacation

William Law

When on vacation, every member of the family should find time for those precious moments which are all too rare in everyday life: above all rest and relaxation. But fun and adventure must also be part of your vacation. Dogs are intensely social animals and as such, they are an integral part of a family. It is important to dogs that they are surrounded by familiar people. This is why they should be taken into careful consideration when vacations are being planned. Dogs and their masters can sp...

Top 5 Most Pet-Friendly Airlines of 2009

Tomas Haupt

Are you planning your next vacation with your beloved pet and need to fly? What airlines allow large dogs, rabbits, or birds? What are the costlier ones and what are budget-friendly? named the top five pet-friendliest airlines of 2009. 1. Continental – Safety First Continental is proud of its PetSafe program, which has a 24-hour Live Animal Desk (1-800-575-3335) that tracks the pets from origin to destination. It's pricier than other programs, but it's climate-controlled...

Pet Friendly Hotels: Help or Hindrance?

Denise Chen

In the past three years, an average of 14% of US adults has travelled more than 50 miles on a holiday or trip with their pets. This means that over a million have dared to take their four-legged friends on holiday outings. It is important to say that a lot more would do the same if they thought that their pets would be allowed to enter every hotel and restaurant they were to visit. Indeed, the pet-friendly approach is still quite alien to many large hotel chains around Europe and the United S...