Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2010

Dec 28, 2009

Dear readers

The year 2010 is here bringing new hopes, expectations, and plans. So, why not to lean back for a moment and let us inspire your next travel ventures. If you want to try something new but don’t really want to spend hours on the road or in the airport, go for virtual tours. The Forbidden City, Stonehenge and now even Pompeii – all these destinations are just a click away from you. Read more in the Heritage supplement. If you prefer something more real and want to get to know real people and real places, let us invite you to Jordan – the beautiful and unique country in the Middle East. Open the Destination part.

If you can’t stand the sad look of your dog any more and want to take Max for vacation this year, read the Professional supplement with numerous smart tips for holidaying with pets. The Transport part looks at the latest trends and challenges of several airport hubs and the Medical supplement is for all those over 50, who want to enjoy their life to the full. The offer of healthy, relaxing tours and retreats as well as medical trips is getting richer and richer. So, just pack your gear and set out for yet another adventure.

Milada Sovadinova


Professional: Pet Friendly Holidays

Tomas Haupt

- Dec 28, 2009
Millions of people all around the world share their homes with loving pets – dogs, cats, birds, lizards and many more. The trouble comes when you want to travel. Should you take your friend with you? Is it possible, anyway?

Medical: Seniors Opt for Health Tours

Tomas Haupt

- Dec 28, 2009
They are active, enthusiastic and free – the numbers of senior travelers keep going up and tourism industry needs to adjust its services fast. Many tour operators thus offer special tours only for seniors – no matter if the aim is simply to relax, get familiar with new destinations, boost one’s health or even go for some medical procedure.

Destination: Jordan Takes You Beyond

Wayne M. Gore

- Dec 28, 2009
Young and restless – this is Jordan! A country with ancient monuments, unique nature and a government extensively investing in tourism industry is simply destined to success. Let’s get familiar with the capital Amman, the moonscape of Wadi Rum, as well as the Nabatean people.