Medical: Seniors Opt for Health Tours

They are active, enthusiastic and free – the numbers of senior travelers keep going up and tourism industry needs to adjust its services fast. Many tour operators thus offer special tours only for seniors – no matter if the aim is simply to relax, get familiar with new destinations, boost one’s health or even go for some medical procedure.


Adventure Travel: Prescription for Health

Denise Chen

The next time you head out for a vacation or just have some free time, consider an active trip in the great outdoors. Whether you head out for a walk in your local park or journey to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal, you’ll come back feeling better – mentally, physically and emotionally. Since 1987 I’ve been leading small group adventures for those who are 50 years of age and better to more than 30 destinations around the world. We’ve traveled close to home in Colorado a...

A Range of Travel Options for Active Senior Travelers

Sara Thopson

Wellness travel has no limits, especially when it comes to age. It’s becoming easier for the 60-plus to venture to vacation destinations with health goals in mind. For those seeking a healthy and wholesome way to spend a week or longer, there is a broad range of travel options. From tours and retreats to getaways and medical centres, active seniors can combine leisurely trips with healing experiences that include relaxation in mineral waters, energy renewal through yoga or massage, and d...

Elderly Patients and Booming Medical Tourism Industry

William Law

The evolution of the spa concept has, to a certain extent, contributed to the idea of travelling either domestically or abroad in search of medical treatment. It is worth noting, however, that there are many other factors behind medical tourism including the high costs of medical treatment and/or the lack of specialised labour in a home country. Those coupled with the change in demographics and the expansion of the elderly population in many regions of the world gave space to a booming medical...

The Case of Mexico: Aging Baby Boomers Heading to the South

Anna Luebke

The Baby Boomers are best known for the non-conformity of the 1960s when they stood up to a government and a society that they found oppressive. It comes as no surprise that the Baby Boomers continue to redefine what it means to stand up and say no in today's world through their fight against unfair healthcare fees in the United States. More than ever before, American Baby Boomers are flooding south into Mexico hospitals for procedures ranging from the complex and cutting edge to some of the ...