James Morris - Dec 11, 2007
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A growing number of travelers take their pets with them. However, they face extra charges and limited offer of hotels and other facilities. San Diego is the most dog-friendly city in North America.


A very common problem for holidaymakers is what to do with pets when going on vacation. The usual solutions are either burdening friends and family or making use of some local kennel so that your 4-legged friend is taken care of while you are on holiday.

However, a cheaper and not necessarily more expensive solution would be to take your pet on holiday with you. This is of course not always possible yet is set to become the latest fashion and big money-spinner in the UK and US travel industries.

Many families treat their pets as members of the family so, logically, a holiday without Rover, Nanuk or Rekin would not be classed as a family holiday. However, it is not that simple to take pets on holiday as transportation companies at very best only tolerate pets and only a handful of world hotels cater to them in any way whatsoever.

If they made a bigger effort to accommodate pets, then the financial rewards could be astronomical. Recent research has shown that there are 49 million pets in the UK alone and British people spend around L2.7 million on pet food per year. This is symptomatic of a 4% growth in recent times as the pet industry is growing rapidly. Many in the travel industry now believe that dog and cat owners would be willing to invest some money into travel with their beloved creatures.

During recent research in the United States, San Diego was revealed as a city most accessible to travelers with pets in North America. The warm climate is ideal for our canine friends and there are huge stretches of beaches where dogs can roam endlessly without leashes.

Many of hotels San Diego has to offer are pet-friendly, which means you can bring your dog to the city regarded as the most dog-friendly in North America. The standard extra charges for accommodating dogs in San Diego hotels mean a 30% increase in total expenditure for each holidaymaker.

Judging by the amount of money dog owners invest in their pets around the world and taking into consideration the cost of putting a dog into a kennel, it seems that San Diego is particularly wise to accommodate for these new ‘tourists’.

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