Daniel A. Tanner - Oct 27, 2014
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The National Tourism Service of Chile (Sernatur) sponsored a new guide for globetrotters traveling with pets. Compiled by the TrekkingChile and Bocalán Confiar foundations, “Guau Travel Tips” is full of recommendations to inform animal lovers about the different stages of travelling with pets from the hotel stay to outdoor activities, in a responsible, safe, and fun way.
A growing number of people take their pets with them when going on holiday. According to the authors of the guide, it is because of the transformations that the concept of family has undergone, and the increasing importance of pets in many homes.

 “The Guau Travel guide keeps this new reality in mind, making suggestions to people so that they can travel with their pets in a safe and adequate manner, making tourism a pleasant experience for everyone,”explained the sub secretary of Chilean Tourism, Javiera Montes.

Therefore, the Chilean government decided to diversify the tourism offer and to generate space to satisfy the different demands of travelers that exist today. “Our challenge as a country is to diversify the products we offer the tourists,” explained Montes.

The director of the TrekkinChile foundation, Victor Gonzalez, assured that “this guide will open a great opportunity for tourism establishments, transforming Chile in a world class destination for national and foreign dog lovers alike”.

The Guau Travel Tips guide can be downloaded from the official websites of the participants of the program: TrekkingChile and the Bocolan Confiar Corporation.

Also, there is a YouTube version available that recreates all of the chapters of the guide. The contents of Guau Travel Tips were elaborated by the Bocalán Confiar Foundation, which has a wide experience in the training and wellbeing of pets.

Nowadays, the global trend is to travel accompanied by pets and, for this reason, in Europe only there are more than 32,000 establishments that accept pets of their guests. According to the TrekkingChile foundation, in the future, 30% of tourism travels will be made with pets.

For this reason, the foundation promotes the distinctive “Pets Welcome” as part of their Emotional Tourism programs. This distinction will be delivered to all of the associates that adhere to its principles; among them are hotels, restaurants and tourism centers.

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