Choice and option

Most pet owners are responsible tavellers and their right to travel with pet must be respected. The pet owner must realize that the company of pet is their choice and others must not be forced upon to accept their pet at their terms. So here comes the convenience. As statastics indicate 1 in 7 person travel with pet. 6 and 7 does not and possibly 5 in 7 do not want to sleep in the room used by pet. So here is the dilema. Pet owner wants to have the same accommodation as no pet owners and use the facility as others. Pet owners must realize the pet friendly entity is facilitating their convenience at added cost and they are not compensating other guest to accommodate your pet. So hey will restrict the pet presence in public area and lobby. Yes you may feel that you and your pet may be treated as second class citizen. Keep in mind that if the entity that provide you service is relaxing that to allow pet in the room but they also have to service 86% non pet owners. This balance must be maintained for their existence.
Some people are allergic to pets and it may risk non pet owners to stay away from pet friendly hotels. So it is help to guest travelling with pet and hindrance to guest travelling without pet.