William Law - Mar 12, 2018

Traveling with pets is increasingly common, especially in certain countries; so many hotel establishments are including in their service options the possibility for travelers to stay with their own pets. The 2017 Report by Trabber, assessed 50,000 hotels in 30 countries, and revealed a slow but steady growth in the demand of pet-friendly hotels by travelers. A 7.4% of hotel rates searches registered in Trabber in Spain and Latin America during this year looked for the hotel’s pet policies.

Travelers are willing to pay extra money for hotels that welcome dogs and cats, according to experts. In this sense, Europe is a paradise for travelers seeking pet-friendly travel destinations and businesses. In Germany, France, Italy and Austria more than 40% of hotels accept pets. The fifth place in this ranking of countries with the most pet-friendly hotel establishments is Canada (34%) according to an offer analysis carried out by Trabber's transparent price meta-search engine in 50,000 hotels in 30 countries.
In Brazil, the figure of hotels with pet-friendly accommodations is 18%, in Uruguay 16%, and 13% in Mexico, mainly for internal travelers since crossing their borders with pets usually involves a taxing paperwork. In Colombia and Argentina, less than 1 out of every ten tourist accommodations offers this option. Chile (7%) and Peru (5%) are at the end of the list.

For big capital cities, 55% of Berlin’s accommodations accept pets, a figure that decreases in Paris to 37%, in Toronto to 35%, in New York to 32%, and 29% in Rome. In Rio de Janeiro, it is 20% and even lower in Mexico City, with 13%. In general, the study also highlights that coastal cities and holiday hotels tend to accept dogs and cats more frequently in their rooms, or have services to accommodate pets in the premises, while downtown hotels in cities and intended for business travelers are less likely to be pet-friendly.

Top 10 Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations (by % of hotels accepting pets)

Germany:        49.14%

Italy:                46.53%

Austria:           44.23%

Canada:           34.35%

U.S.:                30.64%

Netherland:     28.82%

Russia:             25.73%

Greece:            21.72%

Morocco:         21.36%

Brazil:              18.11%

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