PROFESSIONAL: Tourism and Technology

Technologies are penetrated in each aspect of our life. Somebody admire technology somebody hate it. What is certain, however, technologies have made travel much easier and approachable. Some success stories of the technology applications are introduces in the section.


Defining of Five Phases of the Online Travel Experience

Alec Hills

These are exciting times for Travel and the pace of evolution is certainly head-spinning but full of opportunities, being a key success factor to understand “where we are headed” but I mean “we” in the collective marketers...and Google. And as in Google we are very focused on the user experience so we like to frame my reflections around what we see in consumer behavior. And the way we like to talk about the Travel consumer is by looking at the phases of the travel cyc...

Top 5 Technically Savvy Hotels Around the World

Cecilia Garland

Gone are the days when hotel was defined as a blend of room with bed, bathroom and certain basic amenities like a tea kettle and alarm clock. Today the world has changed and now we are surrounded with fully hi-tech surroundings. Technology has emerged like a volcano and has covered almost all segments of the society. Not only our households have become technically sound, but even the hospitality and recreation industry have become high tech. Today newer and newer technical gadgets are invented a...

The Role of Technology in Air Transport

William Law

Technology has brought about different capabilities at the airport which were not there initially. Communication is usually a key aspect when it comes to air travel, and technology is serving to enhance communication between airport officials and consumers. Self service in airports is growing rapidly, which helps the parties involved to save time. Customers are now expressing more satisfaction in services rendered through technology. It is possible to use your mobile device to get enough info...

Technology to Deliver High-end Personalized Experience to Hotel Guests

Pat Hyland

Hospitality industry has grown by large and the effects of the same are reflected in the form of new technology being used to deliver high end personalized customer service to the guests. Usually in old days, a hotel room with electric kettle, alarm clock and safe deposit vault was considered to be technically superior then its other counter parts. But today the scenario has totally changed. With the advent in technology, newer techniques and technological gadgets are introduced in the market to...