Technology Role in Airline Transportation

William Law - May 01, 2012
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Technology has brought about different capabilities at the airport which were not there initially. Communication is usually a key aspect when it comes to air travel, and technology is serving to enhance communication between airport officials and consumers.

Self service in airports is growing rapidly, which helps the parties involved to save time. Customers are now expressing more satisfaction in services rendered through technology. It is possible to use your mobile device to get enough information about your travel. This saves you the inconvenience of having to travel to the airport and making long queues as it was before. Mobile phones also aid when it comes to notifications of any flight status. The mobile phone remains a useful gadget in effecting air travel.

Dynamic display solutions

Dynamic signage is another effective technological advancement when it comes to air transport. It allows for communication of different transport impressions, flexibility and also creative content. It is the perfect medium for messaging and reaching out all passengers. It is flexible simply because content can be updated at any time the airport authorities feel like. Dynamic display technology has also given airports the freedom to generate non-aeronautical revenue. This is possible through combining informative content with different advertisements and promotion information.

This too ensures that passengers can be reached, regardless of where they are in the terminal building. It is useful compared to giving the information in a static sense. Technology has also allowed for large format digital media. It is important to design adverts that capture the eye of air transport consumers, and large formats help realize this dream. With time, display solutions are going to become more interactive, especially with the incorporation of touch screen options.

Passenger processing

Customers want transparent services. This means customer service must be comprehensive to ensure they get all information they want. Technology has helped a great deal since passengers can use the internet to check-in online. Technology literally starts before passengers reach the airport. It has allowed for boarding without cumbersome paperwork. It allows for remote and also express bag drops, self bag tagging among other things. This has helped a great deal in saving time and making the different facilities on the airport more operationally efficient.

Service items like Wi-Fi have helped a great deal in making the life of an air transport user comfortable. The airports in return earn revenue through services like sponsorship, which are related to Wi-Fi. It is a leap-forward because you provide comfort to your passengers and still earn from the same. Customers get empowered through this because they literally get technology in their own hands.

Information distribution

Social media platforms have helped a great deal in enhancing interaction. Through technology, airports can interact directly with their consumers and it helps personalize the experience. Digital communication through different social platforms helps push information to a wide range of customers without too much struggle.

Social sites have also helped the airports improve on standards when it comes to giving services. Through interaction with clients on social sites, standard setting groups have been formed. The groups work on different key areas related to passenger satisfaction. This is a major step compared to having to read suggestion notes from different customers. Not many would have the time to write them anyway. Social media is easier to use in communication since anybody can drop a comment while on the move.

Online booking

This is a quality technological advancement. You might want to travel to a destination 30-40 minutes away. Queuing for an hour to book a flight to this destination is not logical. All you need is to book for the flight online. The internet has helped a great deal to ensure customers can simply organize for flights from wherever they are. It also saves you some money which you could spend driving to the airport.

It is also possible to cancel your flight through the use of your mobile phone or any other technology gadget. The exercise will just take you a few minutes compared to the paperwork which you could otherwise fill to achieve the same. When cancelling a flight, time is important. It would be illogical to try and cancel one within an hour when you'll actually be required to queue for two hours.

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