The most technically advanced hotels worldwide

Cecilia Garland - May 01, 2012
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Gone are the days when hotel was defined as a blend of room with bed, bathroom and certain basic amenities like a tea kettle and alarm clock. Today the world has changed and now we are surrounded with fully hi-tech surroundings. Technology has emerged like a volcano and has covered almost all segments of the society. Not only our households have become technically sound, but even the hospitality and recreation industry have become high tech. Today newer and newer technical gadgets are invented and are put forward in the market for end user. They are designed and developed to meet the requirements of domestic as well as commercial worlds.


Competition have grown by heaps and bounds in the recreation and hospitality industry. Hoteliers are working hard to meet the requirements of their guests. In order to stand amidst the cut throat competition in the market, they are introducing technically sound amenities in hotels to attract more and more tech savvy guests. We all are residing in fast moving world and today even on vacation people tend to carry their ipad, laptops and mobiles along to be in touch with rest of the world. In such scenarios, hoteliers are now introducing many such technical gadgets and amenities to their guests. Below mentioned is an exhaustive list of top five high tech hotels around the world:

Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Aria Resort and Casino located in MGM center is the most technologically advanced hotel today in the world. It is a great combination of luxury, comfort, style and convenience. Aria is built on a futuristic concept. Aria is 600 feet tall and has a surface area of 4 million square feet. The resort has 4004 rooms, 16 restaurants, 10 bars, a spa, 3 pools, a casino and theatre with 1800 seating capacity.

Aria as built on an environmental commitment which is featured in all technically sound amenities offered by the hotel. Hotel offers CNG fueled airport shuttle service along with hi-tech room. The hi-tech room amenities include smart automatic control system to manage curtains and windows. The rooms have light colored roof tops to keep away solar heat. The system also controls air conditioners and lights in the rooms that get switched off when guests are not in the room. A touch screen panel in the room controls TV, music systems, wake up calls, in room call service and a goodnight button that switches off all the gadgets and facilitates do not disturb indication. Rooms are all equipped with 42 inch LCD Full HD TV along with 100 Mbps fiber optic internet connection to connect laptop and iphone charging hub. Instead of regular room keys or cards, guest are provided with hi-tech card that detects your presence near the room and unlocks it.

The Peninsula, Tokyo

The Peninsula located in Tokyo, Japan is among the most hi-tech hotels of the world. The 5 star luxury hotel is considered to be pioneer in researching and developing inventive guest room technology. The hotel features 267 guest rooms and 47 suites all equipped with flat screen TV. The rooms at the Peninsula hotel are equipped with a panel that displays outside temperature and wind speed, hi-tech card for connection to be made with TV, master control touch panel to control air-conditioning, entertainment gadgets, alarm clock, lights, curtains and even do not disturb service. Other popular technically sound amenities include nail dryer, valet box, internet radio, maid call, all sorts of plugs and cell phone sockets. The bathroom is also equipped with touch screen panel to control bathtub requirements, mood lights along with toilet controls.

Blow up hall, Poznan, Poland

Blow up hall, Poznan is a hotel with great blend of style, hi-tech features, comfort and design. It is considered to be one of the most high tech hotels with absolutely no reception area. The hotel features 22 rooms, a bar, restaurant and an interesting art gallery that displays some of the art pieces done by well-known artists.

The hotel is equipped with a distinguished video installation designed by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. The system starts working as soon as the guest steps in the hotel. The video installation is governed by several cameras installed in the hotel that clicks around 2400 images of each client. One distorted image which is the combination of set of those 2400 images is then displayed on high resolution screen. The hotel with no room numbers and no reception provides guest with individual iphone which helps the guest to find their room, helps the guest for making calls, surfing net and even getting all local tourist info. The hotel features an efficient sprinkling showers, surround sound system, ipod docking sites and LCD TV.

Sax Hotel, Chicago

Sax hotel located in the downtown locality of the windy city is considered to be the most popular technically sound hotels in the world. The hotel is the perfect match of luxurious comforts, glamour and hi-tech hospitality. The in room amenities of the hotel includes 42 inch flat screen TV, Free WI-FI internet, iPod docking station and gaming consoles that mainly include Microsoft and Xbox 360 series.

The 6th floor of the hotel is a high tech space covering 600 square feet of area and is popularly known as studio. It is free entrance lounge for all guests. The floor offers the most comfortable sofa, highly efficient internet connection laptop, Microsoft zune mp3 players loaded with popular movies, music and videos, Wii games and guitar for that rock band experience.

The Upper house, Hong Kong

The Upper house is another such technically ahead hotels in the world that features 117 rooms which is an amazing blend of style and state of art technology. As soon as the guest check in the hotel, they become a part of technically sound environment wherein wireless hand held terminal controls all the moves of the guests. The guests are offered Lexus cars well equipped with high speed WIFI connection so that guest can remain connected to the rest of the world when not in the hotel.

The in room technical amenities of the hotel include 43 inch flat screen televisions, high speed internet console, free iPods loaded with all information regarding hotel services, games, tourist information and helpful applications. The rooms are even equipped with motion sensors for hotel to know if the guests are there in their rooms on not which enables them to complete housekeeping jobs as per the schedule.

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