Technology for High-end Experience to Hotel Guests

Pat Hyland - May 01, 2012
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Hospitality industry has grown by large and the effects of the same are reflected in the form of new technology being used to deliver high end personalized customer service to the guests. Usually in old days, a hotel room with electric kettle, alarm clock and safe deposit vault was considered to be technically superior then its other counter parts. But today the scenario has totally changed. With the advent in technology, newer techniques and technological gadgets are introduced in the market to deliver high end comforts and convenience to the hotel guests. With an increased competition in the market, hoteliers have become more profound while thinking about services they provide to their guest.

Hospitality industry is using new technology in order to upgrade the in room amenities along with public spaces like lounge, gymnasium, recreation center, pools and restaurants. All these jointly deliver comfort along with being keeping guests connected with rest of the world when on holidays. Some hotels have implemented new technology is such a way that they have become successful in creating inspiration among their guests to return back soon.

Online reservation:

Gone are the days when for every single deal with a hotel, guests had to rely on travel agents that use to charge that extra piece of money as their commission. Technology has brought world closer and same has happened with hoteliers. Nowadays, guests are in direct touch with hotels the moment they plan to have a holiday. Increased use of internet has made it easy for both guests and hoteliers to be in close contact. As a part of technological advancement, today every small to big hotel or resort is having its own portal wherein potential guest can have a glance of the hotel, its accommodation, its dining, its amenities, rates and packages and many more things. These portals feature photo gallery of the hotel and even testimonials from guest who visited in past. Portal even has a secured reservation section wherein as per your check in and checkout dates, guests can do online bookings by using a credit card or bank transfer facility. 

Latest technical gadgets installed in hotels:

Hotel rooms and public spaces in the hotels like clubs, restaurants and lounges are all equipped with latest technical equipments that make the stay most convenient and comfortable. Such technological implement in the hospitality industry have left a very fine demarcation line in between business and leisure travel. With all facilities intact in the hotel, businessmen and top executives nowadays plan a business trip which is more of a leisure trip with their family. Some of the most popular in room and public spaces technical gadgets include:Full HD flat screen TV and mirror TV: Guests rooms are equipped with large screen fully high definition televisions along with dish antenna offering wide range of regional and international channels to cover almost all subjects that can meet the requirement of varied guests. Along with rooms, even bathrooms are today designed to give more personalized environments. Large bathrooms with ultra modern amenities include mirror televisions that have become centre of attraction in bathroom, gyms, sauna, spa and swimming pools. They are technically sound with touch screen panels and digital channel tuning.Music system with surround sound and Ipad docking stations: Music has been a common liking of large part population. Hoteliers have taken impactful steps in enhancing their guests stay while they are away from their music systems installed back in their house. Hotel rooms offer powerful music and DVD players along with Ipad docking stations that are widely used by hotel guests to listen to their favorite music or watch a film in hotel room and at times in hotel lobby.Convenient electrical connectivity panels: At times, it happens that when you travel with lots of electrical gadgets, you need to jump around to find appropriate electrical connection point. Today's advanced technology has made it simple for hoteliers to install convenient power sockets that vary in voltage as per the requirement of your electrical gadgets.State of art control panels: Fully equipped electrical panel are installed by the side of the bed. These panels have controls for managing curtains, air conditioners and lights as per their mood. They even provide facility to enable do not disturb signage outside the room and can also set wake up calls.Wi-Fi and high speed internet: Gone are the days when while on holidays, people need to roam around the hotel to find appropriate place like a cyber café to get good internet connectivity. Today hotels are all equipped with free Wi-Fi connections offering high speed internet in each and every nook and corner of the hotel. Some hotels have even gone beyond that to provide high speed internet in hotel cars.Virtual room keys: It is the most advanced technology today used in hi-tech hotels where iphone are given to guest when they step in the hotel. These phones helps guest to find their rooms and sensors fitted in the phone unlocks the room when guest are close to the room.Energy saving equipments: Along with being technically sound, hospitality industry have now become environment friendly and believe in taking steps to enhance energy saving. Today hotel room roofs are designed in a way to attract less solar light in order to conserve them for powering other equipments. Low energy lights, solar water system and rainwater accumulation systems are also installed in hotels. Hoteliers are even using guest sensors to know if the guest is in hotels or not in order to switch off room lights and air conditioners.

Trends in technology used in hotels:

Technical trends in the hotel industry are changing day by day and are becoming more profound for a better personalized experience to the guests. Current trends are set to develop more futuristic environments for hotel guests. They mainly include use of Radio Frequency Identification which makes it easy for guest to locate co-guest in the hotel, personalized digital menu in restaurant developed quite in initial stage of online reservations done by guest and even implications of social media. Many futuristic hotels around the world are going to come up with technical features wherein the floor of hotels are rotated every day to give new view to their guest, self designing of rooms as per their requirement and even hotels that can deliver lunatic and aqua experience to their eminent clients.

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