Tourism Review Online Magazine 9 / 2014

Sep 29, 2014

Dear readers

Welcome to the October issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine introducing Vietnam as a remarkable place for your next holiday. Not everything is rosy there of course, which you can see in the Destination supplement. More impressive destinations from Asia are described in the Heritage part presenting Silk Road sites from different countries. The Ethical part on the other hand invites readers to various places of worship – stunning churches, a fascinating mosque… They all bear great spiritual meaning despite their history being very short.

The Professional supplement focuses on tourism taxes and fees – the troublesome part of everyday traveling. Wellness travel, its popularity and importance in the modern world is the topic of the Spa part. Enjoy the magazine.

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Silk Road Connecting the West and East

Cecilia Garland

- Sep 29, 2014

The Silk Road of the past is back. With efforts of reviving the two thousand years old trading route tourists discover remarkable destinations and attractions along the way. Explore China, Uzbekistan or Mongolia and let the past show you the fascinating heritage.

PROFESSIONAL/ Tourism Tax – Good or Evil?

James Morris

- Sep 29, 2014

Taxes, fees and surcharges – they are there bothering the lives of most travelers. What are the hidden fees tourists should get ready for? What taxes awaits the holidaymakers?

SPA/ The Dynamic World of Wellness Travel

Sara Thopson

- Sep 29, 2014

Wellness tourism is developing fast, even faster than global tourism. Not only Europe and North America, but also Asia and Middle Eastern countries report growing profits. People all around the world add wellness to their holidays.

ETHICAL/ Faith Travel: Modern Sites for Pilgrims

Bill Alen

- Sep 29, 2014

Many destinations around the world are sacred sites for travelers who are attracted by their spiritual meaning. Among them are those that don’t have long history and yet are remarkable even for common tourist.