HERITAGE/ Silk Road Connecting the West and East

The Silk Road of the past is back. With efforts of reviving the two thousand years old trading route tourists discover remarkable destinations and attractions along the way. Explore China, Uzbekistan or Mongolia and let the past show you the fascinating heritage.



Silk Road: Fascinating Journey through Diverse Worlds

Nils Kraus

The Silk Road is a significant international passage that connects the occidental and the oriental. The myth-laden high road is dotted with breathtaking natural sights coupled with some of the best-known historic relics. It derives its name from the trade in Chinese silk that was carried out along the road. Named as the 'greatest route in the history of mankind', the Silk Road formed the first bridge between the East and the West. The historic road starts at Xian and winds through several rapidl...

Bangladesh to Benefit from the Revived Silk Road

James Morris

Reviving the Silk Route with a network of roads and maritime connections – that is one of the plans announced by Chinese authorities. According to a well-known business leader and economist of Bangladesh, Abdul Awal Mintoo, the initiative to renovate the age old Silk Route will definitely strengthen the trade as well as the cultural relationships between the littorals of the Bay of Bengal and Asia along with various other continents. The suggested route will also improve the political relatio...

Uzbekistan: Remarkable Heritage Despite Unstable Politics

Denise Chen

Uzbekistan is one of the most compelling republics in Central Asia. It has a rich culture, stretches of rolling desert, a tumultuous history and a stunning architecture that marks its importance along the ancient Silk Road. Even though Uzbekistan may not offer the undiscovered feel of the neighboring Kyrgyzstan, there is a good reason why many tourists visit the popular sites in this country.  Uzbekistan is the best country to tour if you want to see the majestic marketplace mosques and buildin...

Dunhuang – A Silk Road Oasis

Dan Rang

Silk Road was formed more than two thousand years ago, connecting European and Asian monks, soldiers, traders, and pilgrims. Dunhuang, a prehistoric Chinese city, is located at the junction of the road’s Southern and Northern route. It is an oasis in the heart of the desert. It was one of the most popular stops among travelers along this route because of its strategic position along Silk Road. Dunhuang also grew into a significant religious destination and it attracted pilgrims from the East and...